Is there a difference in manual vs auto acceleration speed?

I’ve always driven auto in games but I was wondering if at least in Forza Motorsport is there any difference in acceleration between a well timed series of manual shifts and the auto shifting I use normally?

Yes, and manual with clutch is faster again.

Some of the faster cars can negate that however.


Automatic shifts early.
Manual shifts whenever you want to shift, so you can shift later.
Manual w/ clutch allows you to shift faster on many cars, and shift where you want.


Ok, thanks guys. I’ll give manual a go since it’s a speed boost.

It’s definitely worth it. I started using manual about 8 months after buying Forza 3 because I wanted to join a tuning garage (didn’t eventually), but having got used to them, I can’t go back (I initially forgot to change assists in the demo and couldn’t believe how slow it felt). Changing up at the right time doesn’t necessarily mean the red-line - you can change up when the torque curve is right. Also, you have a lot more control over the car through corners, as you can the engine to much greater effect to place the car.

It is faster. It’s not really about shift times, more about control. Shift when you want in acorner to trim the line and keep the power down, it is like chalk and cheese. Enjoy it.

I personally don’t think manual w/clutch is any faster than the manual setting but I’ll admit I haven’t timed it out. The auto setting is definitely slower as it shifts prior to redline.

Clutch is definitely faster (in most cars).

IMO it’s painfully noticeable when I got from manual in a car that doesn’t need clutch then jump into a lower class car and forget to turn it back on before a race.

Also, sometimes Automatic will put you in the wrong gear when cornering…IE putting you in 3rd with low power band instead of putting you into 2nd to get more power. The control from the manual is a lot better and can easily make you feel like you’re going faster.

Manual with clutch is the fastest…

Auto shifting generally just goes to the redline which with some cars and gearing isn’t the optimal point to [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D].

in FM4 the Dodge Dart especially benefitted from teh manuals