Is there a difference between the season pass and the car pass?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I’ve googled it and nothing came up. The reason I ask is because the RA booster pack is still showing up as $4.99. I purchased the pass at gamestop when I got the console and game on Saturday, so I’m not sure if that makes a diff. Thanks

You do not need to get the RA Booster pack from the store. The cars should be availble to buy in game already if you own the car pass (I have never seen it called the season pass but I would assume it is the same thing).

I had a minute to research. I think I was supposed to use the season pass to buy the car pass. I guess the season pass is just $50 worth of xbox live credits. So I think I screwed myself out of the freebies that come with the car pass.

If you use that $50 now to buy the car pass you will get everything you are entitled to with the car pass.

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I thought of all this too late. Already bought the other two packs

Ouch. That’s tough luck, man. Next time, feel free to consult the forums with any questions you may have prior to taking action. I know the product descriptions can be a bit confusing but we’re always here to help out when concerns arise.

Lesson learned, thanks for the replies.

Lesson learned, thanks for the replies.