Is there a better way of seeing paint jobs of yours that have been downloaded?

We get a message saying some of our designs have been download, used, and liked, but doesn’t say which ones. I could look at my paint jobs one by one to see how how many download, but no usage or like count.

Are there any better tools for getting a better view of which of my designs people are using/liking the most?

If you go into the section that shows all your designs … if you select each one, a screen will pop up that shows you the rating, downloads, likes and uses of each paint. That’s not great, but the best option we have. Wish there was a better way to view stats on paints and tunes than this.

Not true. It only shows download count, and then I also have to page through all the private saves to find the small fraction that are public and hope I can figure out which counts have incremented.

Not sure if you didn’t read all of what I said … but I described exactly how it works.

Go here - Home Menu > Cars Tab > Paint & Customize > Paint Car > My Designs. Then select each shared design to see the rating, downloads, likes and uses.

You are right. I was not doing the last select. Just having it highlighted just shows the number of downloads.