Is there a 47 GB update to do?

I have just watched some livestream on twitch and it seem that there is a huge 47GB update to do!

That a huge update for players that don’t have fast internet.

It is probably redownload or pre download, to fix that Too early message

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Ok thank you! I live in Canada so the game is not unlock yet… But is there a update how many gb it is then?

Not sure but i thought i saw a message here with Day One patch, 4,3gb

Just started copy of game both on PC and Xbox in UK.

Didn’t see any patch download on the PC before booted straight into game but there is currently 1.5gb patch downloading on Xbox

Maybe due to login i am using on pc not being a paid live membership compared to one on xbox which is.

My Xbox is currently installing a 47.35GB update its 00:55 here and it’s only on 13%

No update on PC over here, atleast I’m not getting one

At the moment I’m doing at 47.35 GB update 25% done with a steady 12 Mb/s This is torture (Australian Internet)

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Downloading a 47.35gb update now…pretty upset that we have to re-download after thinking it was already pre-downloaded months ago! 1221am est btw

That seems like your fault… The initial pre-install they put out a month or 2 ago was VERY small and you should have checked that much earlier than the day/day before launch… I have my Xbox set to download updates and games for me and when I checked yesterday, the 47GB file was already nice and installed, waiting for the launch…

If you need help setting something up, ask, instead of complaining about your erroneous thinking…

Yes there is a 47 gb update it seems, I had already pre-downloaded game and pre-installed so its an update, however I did predownload it a while ago so mine I’m sure relates to a full update

Dang it. Waited all night to get off work and come home to play, but get hit w/ a 4.3 Gig update…

Gonna be a couple more hours I guess…

This is pathetic, I’m having to download the game again because you guys can’t do your job right. I payed for the ultimate edition to play early now I gotta wait another day to play while it installs again. I want my money back and I want the game for free. I am outraged! I want some sort of compensation. You will be getting a phone call also until something is done about this. Absolutely pathetic

Just got the disc, came back, hit install and update, currently having to install 47.35gb just to play my game. I have 9mb/s internet so hopefully it’ll be done by Tuesday when everyone else gets their game. I guess next time I’ll buy the digital so I at least get the PC version for free. Great work Microsoft, just great.

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here in Québec,Canada i have a 4.7 gb update and 47 gb is the installation of the game

Picked up the physical copy today and hit with a 47.35gb file.

Is that a combination of the 4gb patch to download and data to install from the disc or am I going to have to wait for my 0.5 mb/s internet to download the 47gb entirety?

If so, kind of defeats the purpose of owning a hard copy, for timing reasons anyway.


I’ve got the disc version today and like others it set about downloading a 47gb file rather than installing from disc… I’ve disconnected from Xbox live and now it’s installing from disc… hopefully the update will now be the 4.3gb one mentioned above when I reconnect to Xbox live

I just wasted about 12 GB because it was downloading the game instead of installing it off the disc. Lucky I caught it before it downladed the entire game. Now I wont have enough internet to Last the rest of my billing period.

i take 3 hours to download 47gb with 4mbps, now waiting for installation :slight_smile: be patient guys

Looks like you get double what I do, and I’m sure you meant 4 megaBYTES per second (not mbps, which is BITS). That works out to about 3 and a half hours for you, and 7 for me. :frowning:

When installing from disc, always take the console offline first. That will install the game much faster. Then go back online, and let it update when you launch. Or not! You may be eager to check it out offline first.