Is the season pass worth getting?

I’m not really sure how the season pass works. If it works how I think it does (all 6 packs + rally expansion), then it is definitely worth it but I would like somebody to confirm exactly what happens and if it is worth the money. Thanks

I just purchased the season pass and the rally expansion in order to get the points needed for my tier rewards and in my opinion the rally expansion is definitely worth the $10. The season pass on the other hand im kinda on the fence about and heres why. Purchasing the season pass only unlocks the vehicles in the auto store and thus still requiring you to spend your in game earned credits or using tokens (which are bought using more real currency). This is totally different in Horizon 2 where the vehicles are added to your garage at no extra cost.

6 car packs and the Rally expansion for less than them all separately? Sure is worth it as long as that is what you want - if you only want the car packs or the Rally expansion then buy them on their own.