Is the porsche pack being released today 1st march?

Hi I have read so much that its being released today march 1st but its not on the marketplace as yet ?

Does anyone know if its today its being released or just a rumour ?


Today’s February 29th…a little while longer to wait I’m afraid.


It’s still February and if it was March 1st then you’d know if it was out as it would be available to download!? Smh.

Well today is Monday the 29th of February (leap year, recall) and all indications are that there is a release scheduled for 3-1-2016 that may well be the Porsche VIR pack, but who knows for sure!!!

Officially it doesn’t exist yet, Turn 10 have said nothing to the public about Porsche since last year.

Unofficially though, a rumour or supposed Amazon leak states that a Porsche pack will be released tomorrow.



m8 lend me your time machine!!!

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I don’t even…
are you sure you looked at the date right? unless you’re in Australian Time Zone lol


I have yet to see any news from Turn 10 about a pack like this.

Also as others have pointed out, there is still a day left this month. Maybe once March gets here there will be some news of some kind about something. Or maybe not, guess we need to wait and see.