Is the LaFerrari sound getting fixed? *first person views*

Guys, please back me up on this, I can’t be the only one:

The LaF is a hair-raising car to listen to IRL. It has a menacing snarl that gets shrill and relentless the closer you get to redlining it (coupled with beautiful off-throttle and downshifting sounds), but always aurally pleasing and never annoying. FM5 nailed that sound 100% from all cam views.

It sounds fine in FM6 from the chase view - you hear that signature LaF snarl but when you go to the first-person views, what’s going on with the the sound? It almost sounds like a different/generic and forced V12 sound.
Where is that exhaust snarl? The sound becomes tiny and instead of a high-revving Italian powerhouse, it sounds like an Energizer bunny on steroids.

Please T10 fellas, I humbly implore you to improve the LaF cockpit and hood/bumper sound so you can also hear the exhaust - it does not sound like the real version from those views and makes your ears bleed, as it’s too high-pitched and whiny. It was perfect in FM5, including the downshifting sounds especially from all views.

Absolutely amazing car to drive and listen to, but the engine and downshifting sound just gets slaughtered the moment you move away from chase cam.

The P1 could also see that exhaust growl being reintroduced from FM5 - it has the grunt but not the high-pitched growl at higher revs, if that makes sense.

If there’s going to be a fix, will we get it also for the others like the Jag F-type or SLS?

Thanks and happy motoring.

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I pretty much always use chase cam unless I’m in something topless for a couple of reasons being visibility and aesthetics.

I’ve got to agree with you 100% on your point. The chase cam view has a far more ferocious engine note. The pops from the exhaust are also a lot louder and clearer. In cockpit view the pops can barely be heard.

In chase cam though, when you go over a bump or a curb the rumble from the sub is way to much. It should sound like that from cockpit view and should get quieter the further away from the car your camera view is. Obviously chase cam is further away. I think that’s also something to look at.

That same ferocious note is audible in the first person views, as you’ll see in HD car review videos, H2 and even DC. I agree with you on the rumble strips; they shouldn’t be this loud and bassy, especially when we’re driving from the chase view. They sounded just right in FM5. They’ve gone back to the bassy and loud rumble strips from FM4.

Gosh, how badly I want the LaF sound to get fixed… it is one of my all-time fav Ferraris to drive.

I don’t know why they would make the sound so forced and artificial in the first-person views. It’s as if you can’t hear the exhaust at all driving in the cockpit or bumper/bonnet cam. All you hear is a whiny shrill sound that makes your ears bleed, literally. It was 100% spot on in FM5, so I do not understand why they have to take steps back with something that has already set a benchmark in previous games. Sad.

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I literally sold my LaFerrari back to the game because I couldn’t take the engine noises anymore, lol. It was really annoying and overly harsh and high-pitched.

The samples from F5 and H2 are near-perfect from all views. Same goes for other cars like the P1, which again I end up not driving that much due to the scaled back sound detail. Turbo sound and pops are good, but the exhaust growl… gone.

I will continue to pursue this from time to time if I must, because the sample from first-person in the game does not do the real LaF justice. There has got to be a fix for this. They did it for the GT350 and it sounds orgasmic now. Why not for the highly desirable and super-sexy LaFerrari or P1? All they need to do is reintroduce part of that exhaust wail from the first-person views, and scale back that ear-bleeding high-pitched whine. What an awful and fake downshifting sound from the first-person views…


In replays, there’s a section on nearly every track where the replay cam will switch to the bumper cam for a few seconds (an actual bumper cam that hovers just a few inches off the road) - at Long Beach full i.e. halfway down the lap, the last half, as the replay cam changes to your LaF’s bumper, THAT’s the sound it should have in first-person views because you can hear the shrill “wrrr” of the motor (not a high-pitched whining sound) and wail of the exhaust as well. That’s it.

Devs, please adjust this in forthcoming updates so we can also hear the exhaust from first-person views - it is like that in the actual LaF; the sound is very menacing and “snarly” from the cockpit (though reasonably muffled) and not whinny, too high-pitched or annoying at all.

Here’s hoping. Sounds were fixed for other cars as well. Please add this to your consideration list.

Come on guys, chime in here! Does no one drive the gorgeous LaFerrari in R class?