Is the game will support every controller, or just the Xbox's controllers?

I think i wrote everything down in the subject. Nearly impossible to reach higher score with keyboard. So guy pls tell me, should i wait for some patch, or better to give it up? Thank you for your answer.

Keyboard-driving was abandoned in 2001 so… :slight_smile:

Kidding aside; even the 360-controller did around 10ms polling for input (I think). That means you can drive smoother with a cheap controller than by pressing 99 keys per second trying to steer. Don’t think I need to point out that analogue wheel-setups (not yet supported) can do even better than that.

If you don’t like the game enough to find a $40 controller worth it, I would say to give up on it.

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Get an Xbox 360 controller. You can find them in Walmart or Gamestop for $20-25. The Gamestop branded one works just fine and actually feels better in the hands than the Microsoft provided one does.

I had an xbox controller before, and i hated it. I wanna use my PS3 controller. So you guys think there will be no patch for this?

Nobody but the developers know the answer. Personally I can’t see them being too concerned with supporting a controller from the Xbox competition but who knows? They might do it.