Is T10 aware of the many dashcam bugs ?

I encountered a lot of cars with buggy dashcams (the cockpit view without the wheel).

A few examples :

  • Datsun 510 displays the wheel
  • Renault Alpine is so much forward than no gauge is visible and the player is clipping through the windshield
  • The rewarded FE Transam has a hole in the steering column (also seen in an Audi), letting the asphalt visible

With the latest FFB update I hope they will real soon take a look at this.
Honestly this is quite disappointing to see such (small) mistakes.

This makes some cars unusable and force to rent them to check for these kind of bugs.

I created a support ticket but the provided link leads to a hosting error :slight_smile:

Could it be possible to have some dev/official input about this ?

Thank you in advance.

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There are many car bugs, which you can expect with this many cars. Lots of clipping, some incorrect speedometers, and no gauges visible from sitting position, to name a few. I can’t see them getting corrected at this point.

A very simple solution would be to give us Position of View & Field of View adjustability for each camera & car. A simple fix really but one Turn 10 hasn’t implemented yet.


I suggested it in the support ticket I created.

Something I cannot understand is the lack of QA.
I understand the FFB update was a big one so they may not had time to polish the rest but if they were testing with the dashcam view, they’d have notice it.

Maybe it is more an issue of “low quality” cars.

At the moment, there is a few cars I just cannot use because of this issue.

This is sad enough the latest FFB update may have bring more players toward the wheel usage, only to discover some more bugs.

There’s a lot of cars that suffered from terrible position of view & field of view especially in dash cam.

One unusual car for example is the 2013 McLaren P1. The cockpit view is stunning, beautiful detail, good field of view, absolutely perfect position of view (at least in my opinion, I know it’s completely preferential), yet the dash cam is awful. Looking left & right will cause clipping allowing you to see through the roof.

Quite bizarre really…

1000 likes for this comment. The views are all over the map, and exactly wrong on most cars. Both of my cars exist in game, and I have no idea what you’d have to do to get any of the available interior views IRL. Or why anyone would want to do that to a perfectly good car.

'73 Holden Monaro shows the steering wheel in Driver view (AKA “dashcam”), as well.


Personally I’m surprised there wasn’t an option to make the wheel and hands invisible in Cockpit view rather than a completely separate camera position. Given my (admittedly limited) experience with 3D modeling, I’d think that’d have been worlds easier to implement.

I think this dashboard camera is the cockpit camera with the wheel removed and the camera more forward.
Thus said, for some cars the steering columns must be part of the steering wheel “3d object”. Removing it shows a hole on the road.

But if you take the 1st gen Miata, you see things done correctly IMHO.

I don’t know how they could track this but even if they can load all the cars one by one in this menu, this is a really easy bug to spot.
Even to fix, just patch the hole with a black square, this won’t be worse than now !

Hood should not be visible in bonnet cam with that Acura. Also where is my head? lol

QC is definitely lacking with the cars, there should be no excuse of a hole where you can see the road. Is this the Fred Flintstone view? Many of us have reported such glitches since day one. They could easily assign employees to just go thru each car. They did this for each track for the track limits.

It doesn’t matter how many cars are in the game, we’ve seen these type of glitches in DLC cars as well, what’s the excuse there? Clearly someone in the team is dropping the ball. There are plenty of competent folks in these forums who would glady do the job, just offer them employment or a contract to do it.

I would welcome FOV adjustments and the ability to turn the drivers arms and steering wheel off. Once I set up a proper FOV for my driving position, I would most likely be looking over the top of the dash board anyways. That would hide any problems that would come from not displaying the steering wheel. Or an even better idea, remove the driver’s hands and have the steering wheel map 1:1 with my wheel input. Couple this with FOV adjustment and some soft locking in certain cars, and the Dash Cam would become obsolete.

What bugs me the most (apart from lack of QA) is the latest update will really exacerbate this “poor quality cars”
If only they were acknowledging the wheel a bit more (with their ForzaRC)…

The adjustable FOV may introduce a pass on each car to define their boundaries (to avoid clipping)
One quick fix would be to… fix the actual cars.

Just propose an internship with a dev-build and a keyboard to a guy and let’s move on !

On a side note, I have not much hopes. Even FH3 had hands placement issues that were never fixed in the 1st gen Miata.

Now, not everything can be fixed, that’s alright. But if only they acknowledged this and gave us a roadmap !
The “known issues” on the support page is just a joke. Known issues are meant to be fixed, not to be put in a list for everybody to know what’s wrong.


Playing with the Mercedes Grand Prix car from the 30’s in cockpit view is stupid because the driver changes gears as if the car had paddle shifters behind the wheel.

Only one way to find out:

This page has no sense/purpose.
I should have asked my question as “Do T10 care” but I didn’t want to sound too cynical :slight_smile:

I got one dash cam of 1999 dodger viper gts acr with roll cage. The roll cage gets in the way of your view. Its totally impossible to see the road. Great car to drive too total shame. I have a video of it on YouTube