Is Subaru BRZ Horizon Edition the new Mini?

Has anyone seen it in the wheelspins recently?


But then, when it comes to HE cars, wheelspins greatly annoy me… I get a lot of FPV Pursuit Utes in wheelspins, which sucks because I already have one.

Ya they suck but at least you get a cool 5mil to sell it back

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Oh wow, didn’t realize you can sell the duplicates you win at the wheelspins without putting them in the AH… Yeah, that’s cool. :smiley:

Wait, what are you talking about. Can you really sell HE cars without the AH for 5 mil? I only have the option to sell them for half their price after I won them. But, say, the Toyota Supra HE is only 88,000.

He said “sell it back”, so I misinterpreted it as selling the car outside the AH.

At launch there was a bug on PC where duplicate HE cars could be sold for 5 million. It got patched soon after so I don’t know how Pursuit Utes (which I struggle to even sell for 200k) are being sold for 5 mil.

I regret selling the 2 extra BRZ HE’s I had.

They took the BRZ out of wheel spins a long time ago, If you get one hold onto it! it’ll cost you the full 11 mil (at the least) because they seem to be extremely rare atm. Its a great S1 car imo.

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I got multiple HE cars from wheelspins…usually the HSV UTE and BMW M3…sometimes they are not easy to sell…I have a
Subaru 22B and Ford Cossie Escort that nobody wants…I got a S15 HE from a spin…I am thinking about selling…The only HE car I will not sell is my 69 Camaro…I love that car to death!


Just purchased it for 11 mil. There were 4 or 5 of them by the same seller. Now the only car left to buy is the Porsche Cayenne – at the time of that Forzathon I didn’t bother to look into Ebisu skills and didn’t do that one.

I hate it when you win the same car in the wheelspins, as it is hard to sell them in the auction house

You get the option to sell it immediately then instead of claiming it

Not if you win it online.

I snagged myself a BRZ HE from the auction yesterday for a cool 5 Million credits. I consider that a bargain.

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I don’t know which upgrades it has available but it seems to me the BRZ HE is a fair bit overrated, much like the Supra and the other Japanese HE cars with drift bonus… I’ve been told the Supra HE is worse because the default tires are Race tires, though I can drift just fine with it and find the Supra’s chassis not good enough to restrict yourself to Sport tires in S1 class. Other than that it’s just a plain Supra with all the upgrades of the standard edition, it’s just that some people make designs exclusively for the HE versions. The one I use is Initial B’s red Supra with the full Jun bodykit, but that one is only available for the Supra HE, as the standard one has the same livery in white only. Don Joewon Song also makes variants of his designs exclusive to HE cars, and PTG Wildcat has a special version of his Autism Speaks design for the BRZ HE.

Both those cars are pretty good in S1, just my opinion. I can get over a 1000 hp in the supra with pretty good handling 7.6ish iirc which is not too shabby in S1. The Brz I can get about 940ish hp with about 7.5 handling which is also not bad. If tuned to your strengths, you can do some serious damage. It all depends on the class/PI imho. In S2 they are on the weak side, but S1 is a different story. I tend to tune my cars myself so I can make adjustments on the fly rather than use someone else’s locked tune, not that I’m a better tuner, but I know my strengths and can cater to them by tuning myself.

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