Is Storm Island still 50% off for VIP players?

I bought Horizon 2 Ultimate Edition two days ago during the Black Friday sale on Specifically, this bundle:

This includes the Horizon 2 VIP pack. I’ve got VIP downloaded but Storm Island still shows up in the game as $19.99. Everything I’ve read says it should be $9.99 for VIP users. I get VIP wheelspins and have the little crown icon next to my gamertag, which I assume means that VIP is installed and working. I tried looking on but Storm Island shows up as $19.99 there also.

Am I missing something?

Yes, it should be $9.99 but it’s not. It’s bugged. It’s been bugged for a long time. I don’t think this company cares to fix it.

Well that just sucks. I’m having a great time with the game and I would buy Storm Island, but I’m not going to pay double what it’s supposed to be. :frowning:

Same here. They are losing more of my money because of it. Guess they don’t want it.

Bunch of threads on it already. Turn 10 doesn’t seem to care. It has influenced me NOT to buy forza 6 because of it.

Looks like that’s how Microsoft behave in general: don’t care about end users’ feedback.

My day job involves with software development, evaluating various OS/database/development/cloud products. By far, I’d tend to stay away from any MS solutions. As they can easily change directions, terminate a product. For some of their products, I’ve casted my votes for certain features, then it’s like a hole in the water, nothing come back.

Well, my brother purchased Horizon 2, Deluxe Edition, on his own Xbox account, on his own Xbox, and Storm Island shows as $19.99 for him also. It seems this is just plain broken.

Don’t know if this works, but you could give this a try.

Log into your brother xbox with your profile, start a horizon 2 profile, check the hub. If it works…, let your brother do the same on your xbox.
I found out last week that I was able to get the 50% off via my second account, but not via my primairy on which I bought the game (digital).
I have VIP on both accounts, so that might be a factor why it worked.

Because your brothers, i expect there are no trust issues with logins and passwords.

See also "Current Issues with Storm Island 50% VIP discount - Fix rolling out now " A more lengthy reply how I was able to get the dsicount.
When a discount is offered, and not showing… I will hunt that discount because I want it and entitled to :slight_smile: Spent enough money on dlc over the years!

unless you’re really into offroad it isnt all that anyway.