Is quitting a team event classed as intentional race distruption

would quitting after 1 event on FH4 playground games be classed as “intentional race disruption” under conduct rules because of the effect it has on the remaining team which is less able to compete?

I’m sick of doing events & having my teammates quit after 1 event.

Unfortunately, the unwritten rule is that you do quit if you lose Round 1 so that you don’t waste the winning team’s time. If it’s a close loss, then you could get away with staying, but if you have a hopeless team that got slaughtered in the first round, then you quit. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste their time. Staying when it’s 1 or 2 vs 6 is pointless since it’s mathematically impossible to win.

Yes it sucks. And frankly, if such a “rule” exists, then there’s bad game design and something needs to be changed. My suggestion would be to remove the Games from the Festival Playlist or change the reward to be completion-based rather than victory-based.

No, you don’t know why people are quitting. Sure some are frustrated but sometimes people get phone calls and other things happen so you cannot punish someone for that.

No, this has been discussed before at length, and fundamentally the way PGG is integrated into the playlist players are ENCOURAGED to quit if they’re on the losing team after round 1 with how long it takes to play a full game set.

Problem is the PGG reward structure and coercing players who don’t really want to do it to play anyways via the playlist, not players quitting. If you punish them for quitting they’ll just not play at all. Not to mention there’s any number of RL events that could happen to require a player to quit out early.

There’s nothing wrong with it, it saves your own time and the opposition’s, I think a couple of weeks back was the only time since release where both teams stayed the duration until 1 won the 3 games required.

I don’t want to waste a second longer than I have to in the Playground Games. The only reason I do them is because I need the points for the 80%.
If I’m on a team with people who know what they’re doing I’ll stick with it. Otherwise I don’t want to sit through 5 rounds of tedium just to lose.