Is Live a requirement?

My father in law recently bought the Xbox one X and Forze Motorsport 7.

He’s been through all the set up for his Microsoft Outlook account and made and Xbox live account, activating his 14 day free trial that came with the game.

He said last night he was creating his driver but shut off the game and now he can’t start the game without subscribing for Xbox live gold account.

He literally just wants to play single player and race on split screen. No interest in playing multiplayer or online against players. What’s the issue and why can’t he just play single player without paying for Xbox live gold subscription?

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Have you rebooted your Xbox? (unplug from wall)

Sometimes the Xbox will get finicky if it gets disconnected from the internet and won’t let you start a game right away (assuming it is a digital copy of game), a hard reset usually solves it. It helps if the Xbox is connected to a consistent internet connection irregardless if you have Xbox Live Gold, which is not required to start the game.

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Also set your console as your home console

Is he signed in?

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