Is it worth to get Forza Horizon 3 now?

I used to play Test Drive Unlimited 2 before, which is the only racing game I have on steam. Recently I’ve done a bit search and realize that Horizon 3 is the most similar game to TDU2.

However, as of 23 June 2018, I am not really certain whether it would be wise or braindead to get this game at its full price back to the day when it was released, plus I know Horizon 4 has been announced to be released in October 2018.

Some advice would be much appreciated whether I should get it now or wait for Horizon 4. How many players are still online for this game? I guess Horizon 3 would be pretty much abandoned (whether by the game producer or players) once Horizon 4 is in place right?

Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you.

Its up to your perspective to be honest.
If you have spare $$$ lying around, why not? There are still a lot of players ingame, and you could get your hands on what the Horizon series feels like before the 4 comes out.
If you’re in a tight budget, i suggest you wait until Horizon 4 comes out since spending $100 on a game that will be replaced real soon is not really worth the money.

I purchased it (digital) about 3 months ago and is the only game I’ve been playing since! It is awesome and graphics are amazing. Listening to my playlist through groove radio is fantastic as well! If you got the $ do it, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy.

You just missed a half price sale by a few days, it goes on sale from time to time.

I started playing on as VIP on early release and continue to play each week. Sure it is only for about 15 minutes for the Forzathon events but I still play. I have 2500GS and about 400 Challenges completed, including the 2 expansions, all cars, level 650+ & 85M Cr. It is a fantastic game to play, I have had a lot of fun playing and helped out lots of players in the online events.

Should you buy it? I’m going to say Yes! Should have bought it while it was on sale. You can wait until it is on sale digitally or you might be able to pickup a disk version cheaply either new or 2nd hand. Buy the expansions when they are discounted.


Currently, blizzard mountain is discounted for gold members. Same with flu car pass, and storm island for horizon 2.

Get The game now and when you get bored with it you can always take a gander on FH4 which is still three whole months away. Australia is a great racing and driving experience.

Well the “Blizzard mountain” DLC is on discount in the xbox store and you can get H3 with hot weals on CDkeys . com at a nice price

Sertch the Xbox store for “Blizzard Mountain” and you should find it.


I recently found FH3 and the Hot Wheels expansion online, sorry don’t remember where, for $35 US. I’m enjoying it, the Hot Wheels thing makes me giggle every time I play it, haven’t looked for online play much. For that kind of money, can’t hurt to try it out.

I recommend you download the demo. It’s free and gives you just enough freedom to know what the full game is like.

Forza Horizon 3 is still well-populated, so you won’t have any trouble finding people to race against online.

As for “abandonment”, Forza Horizon 3 is what I would consider “content complete”. There hasn’t been any new DLC or cars added to the game in a while, and I doubt there will be any soon. That being said there are still new #Forzathon challenges every week and the game occasionally gets updates to fix bugs and issues; in fact, the game was updated a few days ago.

Personally I’d recommend the full game as I still think it’s worth your time even this close to Forza Horizon 4 but if you’re hesitant to spend money on it right now then the demo is the best way to go.

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if you like driving in the biggest map, the crew 2 is the best.
i have only played 15 hours with FH3, it’s so boring, map size is ridiculous.
So NO, FH3 is dead for me.

I saw gameplay footage of The Crew 2 and it looks meh. I’d say Forza Horizon 3 is still worth it. At the very least, there is enough to hold you over until Forza Horizon 4 comes out.

I bought FH3 along with an XBOX one S this Christmas for my Family (it came with the hotwheels but not blizzard mtn expansion). We played it initially, but got more interest in other shiny titles. Only in the last month has our family came back to it, but man are we having a blast. Even watching someone else racing around doing stunts, tricks, drifting, wrecking through fields, whatever. There is a ton of content, and I must say the unorganized way the racing happens (as opposed to be sequential in most racing titles) is really refresshing. Plus you can build dynamic content, bucket list challenges, or championships of various circuits to share with your friends. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a title with the ability to control time of day, weather, etc like you can with the custom parts you can do.

On a sale, the game would be worth it.

A bit of a pity are the expensive carpacks and DLCs.
Even you buy the ultimate version, not all cars are includet.

If you’d have bought yesterday, then yes, but today, I just don’t know…

FH3 full price is not worth it. but I can recommend the Ultimate version+expansion pass+porsche pack and except the Dew Mountain car pack you’ll get the very best, when they are on sale.

FH3 is not that much of a trend-ists game. It will be good and fun and rich for very long yet

FH3 is not the best to enjoy the ambiance of the Horizon Festivals ! The best games for this are FH1 and FH2 (Beautiiiiiiiful on 4K upscaled on the XOX !!)

FH3 map is smaller than the CREW 2 but also much more detailed. The best one remains FH2 or Blizzard Mountain to me

I bought it a week ago and am loving it. There is so much to do. Not played online yet but I probably will. I love the free form play, there is always something new to do or find and it looks simply stunning. I have Forza MS 6 also and much prefer FH3 because its not linear.


And that is a heck of a deal for this game!

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