Is it too late to get a wheel?

I got this game last year and I’ve been playing career mode and lately showcases.
After trying a few showcases, I realized I might need a wheel.
Yesterday I must have replayed formula ford like ten times only to randomly spun out.

Today I tried it again and won the race first try but my hand was cramping due to the excessive finesse driving that I had to do. I mean, I had to feather the gas and brakes along with the analog stick just to avoid spinning out of a corner.
I know that won’t happen with a wheel because I used to play GT4 with the Logitech DFP and it was something completely different.

I was going to get a wheel but I know there is not much left for the Xbox One. I was thinking a wheel that could double for PC too.

The way I understand it is that Scorpio won’t replace the XB1. It’ll be sold as Microsofts top end console alongside the XB1s. In any event, they’re both essentially WIN10 machines so I’d guess that any XB1 wheel would be compatible with both.

A wheel is an investment.

Considering you’re talking about GT4, Logitech DFP and you don’t seem really into simulation hardware…I don’t think you want to spend thousands of euros (or dollars) in Fanatec base wheel/rim/pedal set/shifter, stand and seat. So I guess you’re talking about something like the Logitech G920 (still a bit expensive, and H shifter not included in the box).

Don’t buy it only for Forza, because with this game the force feedback is simply atrocious. If you want to use the wheel ALSO with Dirt Rally, F1, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars (either on Pc or Xbox)…that’s another story.

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Wheel won’t make your life easier.

If you have sim steering on that might be an issue. I don’t recall that event being hard or the car being hard to drive though I’d imagine it might drive weird with sim steering on.

I just recently got my Thrustmaster TX wheel and rig set-up for Christmas. I mainly got it because I absolutely LOVE the Motorsport series (having owned every single game since the first). With that said, these are my impressions thus far:

  1. My rig cost me about $700 after I account for all the accessories I have. Hence I immediately felt as if I needed to purchase additional racing games to justify that investment. After purchasing and playing Project Cars and Assetto Corsa I really got to see that whereas those games were really made with a wheel in mind, the Motorsport and Horizon series are not (and I say that very respectfully). The Force Feedback is considerably stronger in Project Cars and Assetto Corsa whereas its just minimal in Motorsport and Horizon (Force Feedback makes all the difference in realism)…

  2. Additionally the driving itself is allot more difficult in Forza Motorsport with a wheel compared to a controller, this is the opposite compared to Project Cars and Assetto Corsa where the wheel feels like a natural fit to the game. I literally had to re-learn how I drive after I got the wheel for Forza.

  3. Lastly, Project Cars and Assetto Corsa allow you to remove the on-screen image of your hands and wheel which makes the experience far more immersive. Both Motorsport 6 and Horizon 3 still force you to see the on-screen wheel even if you are using your own (which is quite distracting).

After all this, do I regret buying my wheel? Certainly not! It makes driving a million times more fun and immersive and I still get a ton on fun using it with both Motorsport 6 and Horizon 3.

I have attached some videos of me using the wheel with Assetto Corsa, Project Cars and Motorsport 6…

Hope this answer helps,
Be Blessed.

ps. All Xbox wheels & games will be playable on the Scorpio, and the TX also works on PC.


I don’t want to get into a debate of which wheel is the best or which game has the best force feedback, but all I can say is that I got a Logitech G920 in December and I have played FM6 every day since then.

Happy Dad 242 thanks for the writeup and posting those videos. It’s unbelievable to see how much of a difference not having the hands and wheel on screen is! It’s little features like that that make such a big difference.

Don’t buy a wheel for Forza unless you plan on playing other racing games as well, the feel is terrible.

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Definately do not buy the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel. It is not good for Forza 6.
I received one for Christmas along with my XBOX ONE S Console.
The wheel does not have Force Feedback and only 240 degrees of turn lock to lock. That’s only 120 degrees for turning each direction.

You want a wheel with 900 Degrees and force Feedback.

Forza 6 is not a very good game to use a wheel in.

I’ve been doing allright with wheel playing F5 and 6. To be able to experience decent ffb you need to set dor very low, like 270. And during my experience TX wheel works much better in this game than G920. Minus side are offcouse bugss with ffb with TX used with low dor… Some say that Fanatec works brilliant with Forza, but imao it’s just too expensive for this arcade game…