Is it normal to hear tyre squeal every turn ?

i like locking my wheel very fast in the turn and hear tyre squeal when i race, is it normal ?
Cause when i replay and watch AI, they don’t make tyre squeal !

Its not something you will see in a F1 race^^ If you throw your car in the curves you only have grip on 2 wheels , therefore you cant control and accelerate as good going out of the curve. Yet there are people who argue by drifting you can carry more speed going into the curve, so it is quicker. I guess its a thing of preferences, i hate drifting.

So it’s normal ? :slight_smile:
Do i drive well ?

If your car and its tires are constantly at the limit then I would imagine tire squeal is normal. At least this is how I have found it to be in real life at track days, but I could also just be a bad driver. :wink:

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Yes, i push at maximum.
I will test at BrandHatch Indy, with no tire squeal and with tire squeal.
I will report you the best time.
And i use FORZA GT or road cars.


it’s absolutly normal with GT/Road cars to make tire squeal when we push at maximum, it’s faster :slight_smile:
The more you push the more tire squael :slight_smile:
So I’m happy I’m good driver :slight_smile:
that’s why AI are bad they can’t make tire squeal :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t rely on squeaky sounds to see if im taking corners well^^ If you go in the Forza frontpage to progress and then my stats you can see kilometers/miles driven and # of perfect turns. A perfect turn you will be awarded if you take the turn in the best angle at optimum speed. That is a good indicator. The more often the blue message perfect turn is showing up the better a driver you are.

On your squeaky sound, as long as there is no smoke and you dont leave a skid mark you should be ok

I can’t see this message i play HUD off for the best immersion :slight_smile:
And there is lot of smoke and big skid marks :slight_smile:
i will check front page

EDIT: i only race free so i have 0.00 every where and only 10 perfect turns :slight_smile:

Yeah. There is a fine line where you are at the limit and where you are scrubbing off speed. Lower/slower classes you wouldnt want much squeal. You are faster racing with momentum.

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The perfect turns aren’t necessary the best lines round a corner, it is the theoretical ‘ideal’ line through the corner but better drivers will find their own lines.
Perfect corners certainly mean you are doing well, but there are faster ways round certain corners in certain cars than the ‘ideal’ line.

Any drift/slide/wheelspin in this game means you lost grip, which means you get slower.

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Watching this, it seems to me that Rayzer has less tyre squealing going on than the slower driver:

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Fair enough, but i think the ability to find said better angles/lines takes an experienced driver with exceptional skill, not one whos asking if its normal to hear the tyres squealing, no offense.

Consistently getting those “perfect turn´s” is quite a nice exercise for non elite drivers. And the maturity of players will never reach a level where they can find lines that are actually better. The 1% are 1% for a reason.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Forza has always over done the tire squeal. Just worry about how the car feels

I use tire squeal as a way to tell if I’m going fast enough… the way they screech in a skid is different… make the tires sing = good, make them wail = bad

Tire chatter ok.
Tire scream not so good.

I did a quick google search on this as I’m a new sim racer who comes to FM7 when I don’t want to drag out my wheel and go through a bunch of set-up and enjoy just picking up the controller and playing a fun arcade racer with some sim aspecting and this is something I hadn’t looked into yet so thought I would so it can help me in both types of games.

I think most places will tell you screeching around every corner isn’t good as you are loosing ‘some’ traction and chances are someone who is following the proper racing line, setup his car really well and knows what gear to take every corner can push the car to the limit without excessive tire noise and slipping and get on the speed quicker at the apex. That’s the general line I got, and it generally true.

However, doing a just quick google search shows it’s not always that simple. Certain types often will chatter some won’t. Apparently, cart racers will always squeal and GT racer won’t etc etc. I imagine this can also come down to the car and driver, and when you get into games, will be different among them. A LOT of factors. What seems consistent is to determine what you ‘feel’. If you feel your car is slipping, even a little, then you are losing traction. Of course, the tires can very chatty on a tight corner and probably shouldn’t be on looser corners. If you watch a F1 race, you will generally only see tire tracks when they have braked hard and slide off, with hard corners generally becoming darker as the tires dig into the pavement harder. They don’t want ANY squeeling as it means a loss of time and shorter life for the tires.

There are lot of people I see race and do very well and don’t squeal though every corner. I myself find that if I am following someone who is doing that, I wait before I pass as I feel they don’t always have full control of their car, could take me out when I go to pass(intentional or not), and more often than not they will make a mistake, giving me the position. Patience always seems to reward me with at least one position gain. They also are usually the ones that go in too hot into the first corner and fly off or take out a ton of people out ruining their race.

Tires are going chatter in corners, if you are getting a loud squeal in EVERY corner, this is where I usually ask myself why that is happening. Am really right on the edge or am I slipping even a little. Am I going in the corner(s) too fast? The first thing I learned in sim racing is SLOW IN, FAST OUT. Could your car be setup to grip more. Am on the right line. Am I using the right gear. I’m crap at setups so I usually download one from some in the great community. This usually helps a lot. Then what I’ll do is go into rivals and watch some of the replays of some with the fastest scores and see how they are tackling the track. This above all else will tell you if you are on the right track. Also look at your lap times, where you place and how do did in the race. If you getting consistently better laps times than others, always finishing on the podium and control your car well on the track and aren’t flying off the track or knocking people off, then yes, absolutely, you are an awesome racer. If not, it could be you need to look at the screeching as information the car is giving you in where it may be struggling and you can maybe gain a few seconds mitigating the issue. Or, it could be you are simply pushing it too hard and are likely losing time every time you do.

Oh…another thing, in terms of steering you want smooth motions, or you will absolutely squeal the tires and lose traction and time. It may look cool, but it’s not fast racing. Here is a great video on how to take corners Advanced Cornering - The Racing School №6 - YouTube It’s part of a few videos teaching different aspects on racing.

Have Fun!

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Nice post, but your video link leads to a 404 page, you have to remove the dot.

Thanks…dot removed!

I’ve always raced to ‘slower in faster out’. I try to keep minimum tyre squeal, because it means loss of traction which means you may deviate from your preferred racing line (And in an online race that could be bad, as it may take out other races).

I’ve also found it very bad in career mode, as it typically ends with the AI hitting you.

Well chances are the AI will hit you anyway (cause they suck). But still.