Is it necessary to clutch when downshifting + braking in FH4?


The title says it all. I’ve played FH3 and FH4 with the normal clutch and e-brake layout and have become used to not using the clutch during downshifts while braking. I don’t really notice cars becoming unsettled with my tuning and driving style. If anything, “grinding the gear” seems to help me slow down quicker. Damage is turned off so is it really necessary? What am I missing?


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It depends. If you don’t care about broken gearbox, it’s OK. But then I don’t know why you use clutch :smiley:

I use the clutch when downshifting and blip the throttle right before letting go of the clutch. I especially use the clutch when drifting to keep Rpm’s up.

I switched the buttons around and began using the clutch when downshifting. It only took a day or so to get used to. I’m not noticing a huge difference. If there is a benefit, it is probably on corner exit. The gear changes quicker when clutching so if it is a very short braking period, you’re ready to exit quicker.

OMG, If you have a clutch you should use it. What’s the point of not using clutch when you configured it? Some cars have nice sound to show you are doing something nasty.

I’ts quite obvious, you have to use the clutch to stop faster because grinding the gears disconects the engine, and the engine provides stoping power when decelerating, so you’re wasting potential in those entries, I don’t think burnt rear tires during braking is doing something benefitial, in my case I drive without ABS and I can safely say that locked wheels make stoping worse