Is it me or is it very hard to make money in fm7?

I’m forza 6 it was too easy am I the only one who thinks the rewards should be a little better for leveling up? Or winning races. Also why do I no longer gain a benefit from running assist free. That’s a bummer

Use mods combined with longer races.

Sell level up cars you don’t want at the auction house.

You can now change assists during a game. You could cheat if there were benefits.


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Pay for the VIP DLC to get +100% in every race. Run career series you like on extra long with mod cards and the the difficulty as high as you can manage. It’s easier to deal with the AI on longer races. I never use mod cards on races that last less than 20 minutes. In Freeplay do long races (hour+) You have to race the get money. I also don’t buy cars unless I have to, always take the discounted car when leveling up if you can afford it. If you pass on a car it does come around again eventually.


High rank in League racing is netting me huge rewards, I forget the league Band names but i think its 20k,50k,100k elite is 250K a level plus (by level I mean 5 through 1 per band) your 20k first race 50k first podium for the day! Also side note if you dont have forza hub thats little over 120k (For me) per week. Correct me if im wrong but i dont think VIP effects the band level up or podium rewards, if it does that would be crazy but im not VIP

I have been racing a fair amount using mods. I realized it isn’t the rewards the cars are much more expensive. I race on expert? Maybe higher? I’d have to look I always let them keep bumping me up when I’m figuring out each new edition.

The cars are actually cheaper in FM7. Also as you increase your tier, you can get up to 400k discount from the car the game offers you at level up, making them cheaper still.

I think the difference is, we’re encouraged to buy all the cars in the game, so whereas in FM6 I would have only bought cars that I wanted to drive or paint, I found myself taking the car nearly all of the time at first.

These days I tend to take the 50k and my balance is slowly building to a level, where I don’t constantly need to race, in order to get the limited time offer cars from the speciality dealer. It may also help that these have repeated recently, so haven’t need to blow a chunk of credits in there these last two weeks.

Lol no. The cars are about double the price in FM7 vs FM6. Please dont disagree because your spreading misleading information.

Yes, its very hard to get credits compared to FM6. The cars are more expensive, and the credits coming in are a LOT more limited. I personally dont like this new concept as i find it very frustrating that i spend 100$ on a game and i still cant play it the way i want. I’d like to own most of the cars in the game but it simply doesnt work like that unless you spend literally weeks playing the game (i actually have a life and would like to use my XBOX to wind down every day, not make it a chore to get more cars and have fun.)

I agree. The cars are ridiculously expensive in FM7 compared to FM4 & 6. I’m not really enjoying FM7 honestly. I think FM4 and 6 are better. I’m hoping my opinion changes, but I’m not optimistic.

I agree, I’m finding it hard to save credits, even with VIP rewards. I don’t remember being this “poor” at this point in FM6. I can barely keep myself above a million credits. Maybe I’m buying more cars. But I do know that I wasted a bit of credits on those stupid prize crates.

I like the way it is now. You have to think what to buy next. In FH3 I have 130M credits. What’s the point of having credits in the first place? From the beginning I could buy whatever I wanted. A credit system where you can buy all you want is useless.

And yes, do not buy crates!

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I prefer the way it is now. As others mentioned, before in FM6 for example, you could quite easily buy all the cars you want fairly early into the game. After a while credits and rewards meant nothing. This system helps the longevity of the game and makes the collector rankings actually mean something.
It gives a reason to play other than racing online for wins.
It rewards players who put time and effort into the game .

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Yeah but winning the game doesn’t take very long so by the time you’re done with the career you’ll have nothing and it’s useless to collect cars AFTER your career is done. I liked fm5 & 6 a lot better. This is one of the issues I have with fh3, done everything but have no money and the cars are ridiculously expensive with no more reason to try and collect them. Plus you usually get a slap in the face when you wheelspin, 2000, 4000 even 10000 credits is bullstuff. The whole fun part of the game to me is collecting cool cars. My dumb butt got the carpass in fm7 but I’ll be done with the game by the 4th carpack plus the carpacks have mostly crap cars in fm7, so what a waste that was lol.

The economy is similar to fm2-fm4 as far as difficult goes. Fm5 was more of grind to encourage to buy tokens. People rejected the idea, so t10 did a complete 180. And gave away every thing. FM6 basically was the same turn the game on and have handed to you. Fm7 went back to it roots where you have to budget your money. There no point to have an economy or auction house if everybodys sitting 100+ millions credits.

Drive long races with super rare and/or legendary mods, always take the car when leveling up, don’t buy car nor driver gear crates…

Also, buy VIP and drive the heck out of that M4 FE on the Nordschleife… :smiley:

My collection isn’t large but I’m almost at Tier 20 and I own a substantial amount of useful cars, including several Open Wheel Legends, several Vintage GT, several F1 cars and even an Audi R18… I did get the Ferrari 641 and the McLaren MP4/4 in a car crate, which was a bit hilarious, but avoid buying those.

The reason you should always get the car when leveling up is that it’ll increase your collection’s tier level, which increases the chance of getting better cars as a reward (sometimes even Legendary… I just got a Mercedes 300 SLR for example). Race cars such as GT3, Nascar and Supercars should never be purchased, always picked as a reward, especially because prototypes and F1 cars tend to be very expensive!

The car prices are not that different between FM6 vs FM7. Looking at spreadsheets of all car prices, FM7 is a bit cheaper for the more expensive cars. F1 car in FM6 was 2 million, in FM7 the F1 car is 1.5 million. FM6 had 20 cars above 1.5 mill;ion vs 8 in FM7. A Formula-E car in FM6 was 300K, vs 180K in FM7. The only place where FM7 is noticeably more expensive is for the cheapest cars. In FM7 this is 20K vs 12K.

  1. Get VIP
  2. Max out the Forza Hub Rewards as best you can.
  3. Never waste mods on a race shorter than 30 minutes. Always use mods for longer races.
  4. Always take the car when you level up, or cash if you can’t afford it. Level up rewards come around again if you skip them.
  5. Caveat to 4) All Tier 1 cars are less than 50K and the cash is worth more, but in the long run it won’t matter much.
  6. Never spend full price for a car unless you have to. I waited for cars to be awarded and got what I needed for career only buying maybe 3 or 4 cars.
  7. Finish Solo Career. By the time you are done you’ll have most of the cars and millions of credits. I’ve since bought every car and 40+ Pacers to get the 700 car achievement.
  8. Do as much of solo career on extra-long or set Freerun races to last at least an hour. (Don’t do timed races they’re bugged and don’t pay AI difficulty bonus)
  9. Race tougher AI than you would in a short race. You have time, you don’t have to bash your way to the front. While you’re at it practice passing without contact.
  10. Always use a Forza Edition car on the Open events in Solo Career. Know which ones pay more.

The credit system is a joke. There’s no reason for credits to exist in the first place. What’s the reason for it? You have to “earn” the ability to drive the car you want in the game you paid for? It’s not like there’s a skill element or some sort of progression to it; after the first couple hours you can buy whatever you want as far as classes go. It’s just a waste of time.

Edit: I also think it’s hilarious that people are suggesting “spend even more money on VIP” as a reasonable solution to this problem.

This game is about collecting the cars, if you don’t like it, there’s always proper simulators with everything unlocked off the bat.

I bet you also find it outrageous that in Super Mario Bros you don’t get the Fire Flower whenever you want.


If I had the ability to go all-in for an actual simulator I would, but that doesn’t change the fact that the way this game is set up necessitates a large time investment to collect a relatively small number of cars. It wasn’t an issue Forza 6. I don’t have that kind of time, and as a result I’m spending what time I do have racing cars I’m less interested in so I can eventually drive what I want. Killer. Swerve’s suggestions make sense, which is why I’ve been doing those things since I started playing.

Sweet Mario analogy, too, except that that doesn’t relate at all to what I’m saying.

I agree, the whole point is being able to collect cool cars and get to use them to race. FM6 was way better, but imo fm5 was better than both. Don’t even get me started on FH3! Lol

Lmao, I´d pay money for a shirt with that quote. You made my day, night, whatever