Is it just me?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but racing feels very off. I’ll be the first to admit that it may be in my head, and maybe my perception or coordination is off due to working so much. Anyway, the cars don’t seem quite as responsive as I’m used to. It’s very frustrating. It could be me, but I’ve played every day since early release, so I’m used to the feel. I don’t think its me. Plying Modern Sports Legends, I can’t get one of those cars to handle or brake responsively, and I get top 1% times on some tracks.

One thing I know for sure, since one of the last updates, the AI is dead. They need to fix this because career is downright unplayable. The cars try to drive right through you. And, since you can’t turn the cosmetic damage off, your car is destroyed looking by the time you leave the pack.

I mostly just want to see if anyone else feels that something’s slightly wrong with the feel of the cars. Thanks.

I’m racing now, and one thing I can articulate: it seems like the turning radius has been reduced. Normally, if I downshift and brake enough, I can breeze through any corner. But now, plainly put, the cars are not turning.

My fix for this is switch to “normal” steering, if you already haven’t and reduce outside steering deadzone to 90.

For some reason pad sim steering in F6 feels very odd - the cars do not want to turn and slide unnecessarily. Tap the brakes, and your cornering ability almost completely goes to [Mod edit -WSD - profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS] Switch to normal, and everything gets resolved.

Was never the case with F4 and 5 sim steering. Anyway, try the fix and see how it feels.

Pretty sure this has been mentioned already. Here’s a thread I found just now in the support forum. I haven’t been following it because I drive a wheel which is great, so I’m not reading the controller threads. It could be something happened with one of the updates.

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Thank you. I did notice a little difference right after my last 100 meg update that happened about a week ago. I keep hoping its just my imagination and the next time I play, it will normal. I don’t know. I’ll just wait.

past few hours saving a setup takes longer than usual, the game synchronised when i started it. (witch never happened before) it says i have 5 messages but when i open the inbox there aren’t any unread messages. braking feels very weird (feels like the point where the wheels lock is earlier) and the cars turn way sharper, more direct and when i go to forzavista the camera keeps going all the way up until i touch the right (R3) stick.
all this even after i did a hard reset twice.
very strange… i never had any problems before.

ow and since yesterday i can’t play horizon 2 anymore, it says i have to register to xbox live, or buy the game. i am registered and owned the game including all dlc since December 2014,

maybe these things are connected or something. i don’t know.

I know the “off” feeling you’re talking about. It came with the NASCAR update and watching old game footage vs new i know i’m not imagining it.

I think its a combination of things but the most severe for me is the stretching or warping thing going on with the screen that didnt happen before - i turn off “camera motion effects” in the settings but seems there are some effects still occcuring now.

Seems to be sometimes relating to drafting, or lag, or frame drops… when you get all three at the start of somewhere like bugatti it’s not only extra tricky to avoid wrecks but is really nauseating sometimes.

Oh the physics have changed too, not sure if its the track side or car side or both but something is different… i have an rx7 tune for daytona which i tweaked so i just barely had to ease off on the bends. Using it now i have to tap the brake to avoid hitting the wall as the turning circle has changed and run nearly 2 seconds slower. A friend using a different tune but same car and track has noticed the exact same thing pre/post NASCAR.

I knew it. The cars feel awful now. I can’t get close to my old times, the turning feels intermittent, and the braking is less effective as well as locking up more.

I just want to update. As of playing right now(modern sports, and classic muscle), the cars have the worst feel. Under steer where you wouldn’t want it, oversteer where not wanted, braking is week and all wrong, handling response fluctuates from no turn radius to hyper sensitive, cars feel sluggish with delayed reaction… If this game felt like this when it came out, I would’ve never played it.

I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems tied in with the code that introduced that new drafting system. It’s no fun to play this game now. It’s that bad.

Update: it’s not easy explaining this, but I do know that I had some cars mastered, but in those same cars now, I can’t go one race without flying off the track. Its like the AI is going through it too as I’ve literally never seen such bad AI in any game, any style, ever!

I was just saying to my friend the other night that this game doesn’t feel the same anymore.
Seems to me that every time there’s an update they seem to do a stealth tweek to the game physics.
I bought a brand new thrustmaster tx458 wheel especially for this game only to find that every update I ended up trying to set it up again because it felt different every time. After about 3 or 4 updates I gave up and went back to the controller.
Me and my friend do our own tuning and we are both sure that there is a difference in the feel.

“I knew it. The cars feel awful now. I can’t get close to my old times, the turning feels intermittent, and the braking is less effective as well as locking up more.”

That’s exactly what we thought as well.

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I have to confirm that setting The Dead Zone - 90 solve the issue for me. I just tested and I no longer have to slam the stick against the sides anymore to turn

Thank you, but I need it to feel like before, even with dead zones at 0/100. That will tell me if it’s fixed. Even though the handling is the worst offendor, the cars are unresponsive in many more ways than turning left or right. The braking is inconsistent and sometimes my car will just keep going straight. It feels like I’m barely applying brakes and not letting up off the throttle, even though I am. All of these problems are unpredictable but happen more often than not. It’s unplayable for me.

These past few updates have done a quite few odd things to the game. I have noticed the odd behavior in the physics as well. On top of that, the drafting feats don’t work properly anymore, the drivatars act strange, and for some reason you can’t select anything while the announcer lady is talking after buying a car.

I just hope these physics “tweaks” aren’t more on the permanent side.

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You guys aren’t alone in this. I run in a privately hosted league, and with the Nascar expansion, we started a Nascar series. When the expansion first came about, we all talked about how we liked the cars, but how twitchy they were at high speeds on tracks like Daytona (oval). They handled very similar to the Indy cars…anything more than slight steering inputs and the cars would become a handful to keep on the track. Then, about midway through last week, something changed…and now the cars feel very heavy, for lack of a better term. They aren’t nearly as twitchy now. Sadly, this has affected all cars (it seems), as cars don’t seem able to hold the road as well as they used to. Overall it seems like something in the handling / physics model was changed, and I can’t put my finger on it…but it has affected everything (braking, steering, how easy it is to spin the rear tires with very moderate throttle, etc). It also seems that tires don’t last nearly as long as they used to. With some cars…3 laps in and the tires are 20 percent worn…what? Mind you I know how to drive…I’m not one sliding around corners or locking the brakes up and sliding to a stop before a corner…

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You said they feel very heavy. I agree, and unresponsive. Keep in mind; I’m talking about D, B, and C class cars. I used to be able to whip these cars around any corner. Now it feels like driving tanks with intermittent responsiveness. So much feels wrong at this point. I used to love coming home from work and playing. I hope its fixed tomorrow.

Yep…it’s like driving the Ghurka all the time…ok well maybe not that bad, but yes…the cars are very unresponsive now.

I haven’t really notice a handling issue but the vibration is barely working on my console. The last small update brought back all the vibration but not as strong as when the game was new. Slowly last week the vibration has gone very weak. I can barely feel the draft effects any more. I don’t know what they did but it is not good for the close racing in multiplayer. The controller needs a vibration slider that goes to 200%. Has anyone noticed that Forza is not mentioned at all during Nascar races. So strange how all of this is playing out. I love this game but right now it is sideways headed for the wall.

I have not noticed anything different other than the vibration issues a couple weeks back.

I know exactly what you guys are talking about! I’m in the process of re-tuning all my cars, the handling is sluggish and they just don’t have the turn in or the handling around the corner that they did before. I’ve had good luck with the ones I’ve re-tuned, but it sure is a long drawn out process. If they have an update to fix this last update that has affected the handling I’m going to be sick!

I hope it is fixed. If the base gameplay is clunky, then I have no hope that a tune is going to bring it alive. I’m not a tuner. I pick the parts I want, maybe adjust the gears, and that’s it. Its always felt great till very recently.