Is it just me...

…or are the results of the weekly livery contest taking a long time to come through. I read that Helios was going to gamescom but that as I read it was a month ago and since then the results of week AH have been announced.

Or do they get announced once a month. Surely week AJ would have started now. I’m confused.

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No not just you I was thinking the exact same thing. Maybe there just busy getting stuff ready for horizon 2

Yeah just checked it . its almost like they have stoped careing about us :’(

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They had kind of lapsed to it being an every other week thing. I’m not sure why they closed it if they weren’t going to judge it. Seeing how it appears to be on its way to being the third week, they might as well extend FM5 contests to officially be monthly like the 4 and FH1 contests are.

They closed it like 3 weeks ago.

But they never posted up the results is what we are saying

Oh, yeah, I know. I was replying to the person who said they were doing every other week now. Bogus, it’s been 3 weeks.

we will be painting on horizon 2 before its over

I was also wondering what’s going on with the Week AI contest. Weird

i think it was the Dairylea 205 blown there minds !! lol

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^^haha I bet they’re in a right mess trying to decide between dunkers or love hearts!

Typical that the first contest I enter, something goes wrong somewhere. It’s a good job I don’t have OCD as well because stopping on AI would kill me

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apologies if i contributed to the crash and lack of winners being posted… LMAO! oops!

…but is is getting slower and slower again :frowning:

they just can’t handle the hardcore food paints loL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

but its getting silly and they have not said anything about it. i understand they prob busy with the release of horizon 2 but am sure it don’t take that long to judge

they can just give it to me and AB for the love hearts and dairylea :wink:

I think you’re forgetting the Dewstain return to form Aston Martin.

Another day passes by. I’d like to volunteer myself for the judging if it speeds things along, of course I can’t guaranty that my design won’t place first though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Stu has just messaged Helios over twitter to see whats happening.
Its happened before when they are just busy with game release business and kind of put it to the bottom of the list.
Just blame Dose & Me (and Wayne for the idea!) for now until the winners are posted lol


Cool, I messaged Helios as well on here like 5 days ago or something. Heard nothing as of yet though.

Well I know my entry didn’t win as it only has about 4 downloads :frowning:

^^Oh dear well based on that they probably drove mine into a wall and binned the whole car lol

To make up for the time elapsed with no contest running at all they should just give all the designs from that week Turn 10 select. I mean, why not, I guarantee there is more work in each and every one of them than there is in 90% of the things that pop up when you buy any of the cars submissions were entered for.