Is it even possible to win the Lookout Circuit Road Race without lowering difficulty?

Because I’m being stubborn, I’m refusing to lower my normal playing difficulty (Highly Skilled) for any race. I’ve been finding it a fun challenge to figure out which specific car I need to use to win specific races. Until today, I was thinking it was going to be impossible to win the El Descenso Cross Country Race, but I finally found a vehicle that worked.

For the Lookout Circuit Road Race, I’ve probably tried about 3 dozen vehicles so far without success. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even possible to win without lowering the difficulty for this one specific race. There aren’t any obstacles, so there doesn’t seem to be any legit reason why this race is so hard.

Has anybody been able to win this race without lowering their difficulty? I don’t want to know what vehicle you used. I just want to know if my quest is futile or not.

Yeah it’s tough. I tried with a S1 C8 Corvette and got left for dead. Next up a Mercedes MBX A800 and won without too much bother but not by much. The AI in this race at Highly skilled seemed to be on unbeatable skill level.

Edit: Just had another go in a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO “Welcome Pack”. I won but boy did I have to drive dirty and dive bomb the driveatars at the corners to get into first place. Once in front it’s not too bad holding them off.

Yeah the AI is super inconsistent between races. I think the weirdest thing is the inconsistency between solo/convoy play and online. When the trial showed unbeatable on cross country, my heart sank. No way that was possible to beat. And then I tried it and it was a complete breeze to win. Meanwhile I’m sometimes losing to above average on cross country when I play solo.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The AI is just a little more borked than before. Honestly I’d take the inconsistency over the blatent cheating the AI does.

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It is.

NPCs really do have an uncanny ability to stick to the road. One that seems to defy the physics. But so do we. We have the ability to cut corners, use rewind and bump into things without consequence, which is something NPCs don’t do. And that’s the response we need to use.

I realised the first day I will not be able to play on “Unbeatable”, so I switched to “Pro” an successfully finished almost every race I started. I haven’t tried them all, but I would bet every track has corners where we can save seconds if properly executed. Use of rewind and bumping into cars or walls is also there for us to use. I know it’s not the “cleanest” way of winning and I hate it too, but it’s good for learning (rewind, not bumping).
And one other thing. Most of the tracks don’t require top speed,so NPCs have their gearboxes set very short. For acceleration. You also have to do that. On some tracks you actually have to set it to full acceleration, because you don’t even reach high enough speed, and others around you are prepared for that. That is often the last drop in the bucket I need to win.

Oh, and brakes! Use brakes! Corner exit speed is the most important speed for anyone but experts. And to achieve that you need to brake before corner, which is apparently very difficult, if my experience with other human drivers in this game is to be trusted.

I kind of like the fact that “Unbeatable” is really hard.

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Oh no you said use rewind… using rewind is not winning a race without cheating. You are actually cheating less by lowering the difficulty.

i jumped in my favourite strreet car for this one …the porsche 968 …it took untill the last lap to hit the front but managed to do it, its def. challenging race though. (pro difficulty)

Can’t remember which track that is but I ran through every Road Race last night using my D Class MX-5 1994 and won them all with ease on highly Skilled. So, yes, it’s doable

I found some cars, where the difficulty is beatable.

I did every race in solo-mode in difficulty unbeatable (highest)

Working for that is a Ferrari F430 Scuderia (A-Tune) and a Porsche GT2 (S1-Tune)

For Dirt it was the Peugeut Rally Car (A-Class)
And for Offroad it was the Mercedes Truck Forza Edition.

With these cars i won every race and got the achievements for beating the highest difficulty.

PS: The A.I. is straight faster than you. You have to beat them in the turns.
The line for breaking ist helping.
When it is yellow, cut the corner and pedal to the medal.
When it is red, just lift your right food and do the same.

In hairpins und narrow turns you can bump a little.

Excuse my english.

S1? Not possible.
A? I was 4th with extremely understeery M4.
So probably with better tune.

Just won it in a D100-tuned Reliant. Be aware; quit & restart if there is a Reliant in 1st or 2nd position of the startfield, the first two cars
gets a huge powerboost. Will share my Reliant-setup asap.

yeah strangely hard this one…on highly skilled I can only do 5th place and my A-800 Ferrari F355 and A-800 996 GT3 are winning pretty easily in other road races

haven’t played that much though so only have few good cars, my fanatec steering wheel was not working until someone found downgrading drivers fixes the constant crashes

In my view this is definitely one of the toughest tracks to win at, given it’s short any loss in speed onto the straight gets punished so you need to carry speed onto start finish.

I did just beat Highly Skilled S1 in the Vuhl, I deliberately picked a track focused car as it’s a short track without any real high speed sections.
I was mildly happy to find the Vuhl didn’t immediatly get out dragged at the start… which is always a good sign.
Stock gearbox, just a few minor tweaks to top of class.

What worked for me…
WOT from approx mid way in the first irregular sweeping right after the start finish( I consider the whole thing one complex turn for this), with the right line you can hold that all the way to the tight right at the highest point. This uphill section is where you can really gain on the AI.
Hard brake for the tight turn and then WOT straight line to the next inner checkpoint flag.
Dab of brake, turn and then WOT straight line keeping well left into the 180 right sweep
Dab of brake, wide turn and then part way around you can hit WOT again, clip the checkpoint as you enter straight and hold that until you get to the end.

I think this latter part is key to keeping any gains so you can be full throttle onto the straight.

On the second lap, I passed the lead 3 cars up into the tight turn at the highest point taking a >1 sec win after a calmer traffic free final lap.

just for fun I tried upgrading the 69 dodge dart barn find today

entered some city road race and to my suprise I won wtih 16s lead (on a 4min 55s race) compared to the other A800 musce cars in the race

tried the lookout and was 3rd on first try and I def feel my chances are much better then with the F355 & 996 GT3

and I haven’t even fiddled with the gearing, currently it has 297kmh topspeed so I guess I can get some acceleration boost from tuning

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I was surprised at how good the Dart was, straight out of the box. And then I upgraded it, and did quite well with it.

It’s winnable on Highly Skilled. I used 2016 Viper ACR.

But you have to make few mistakes.

Notice the ACR has terrible top end, but makes up for it in the corners.

I used the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 2015 with tune 418 942 496 My Video

Create an event for yourself with more than 3 laps. I used S2 X5M Forza edition on 25 laps on unbeatable, took me around 13 laps to catch the leading 2 cars, than once overtaken they drop the pace and it’s smooth sailing. You might wanna turn tires degradation to cosmetic / off

Just tried it at S1 and won on highly skilled at the first attempt, was a challenge but not significant.

I will upload a full video if anyone doubts this was on highly skilled.

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I’m curious about this. I haven’t done a lot of the road races yet but I’ll try it tonight.

Used Lambo Huracan in S1 class vs unbeatable AI. Tried few different builds, including my own and downloaded, from pure handling to heavier with more power. Worst finish position = 10th, best = 2nd. Best lap times good enough for top100 rivals leaderboard (best Huracan rivlas time is still over 1sec better). AI best laps was always around +/- 0,5sec to mine, didn’t matter if I was doing 47-46-45, it was always scalling up to my time.
All of my overtakes was done on corners/braking zones. On straights it looked like I was driving against S2 cars.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I think driver should be able to beat AI just with good driving, on other hand good car is important too.
If someone would ask me about a car for that track I would probably say to look for a car with good handling.