Is it dead or updating?

Hello all. How big is the update? I seem to be stuck on the title screen with the spinning thing in the bottom right for 20 minutes. I’ve reset twice cleaned disc though it was spotless. Why isn’t my game working?

hopefully you didn’t reset mid update. do a hard reset, hold your finger over the console power button (the white xbox logo) until it turns off then turn it back on. it should start up slower than normal. the memory is cleared so it should clear up the glitch. if it says updating it’ll start at 98%, let it update. how long it takes depends on your internet speed and the microsoft server speed. turning it off from the controler or kinnect wont work, that puts it in sleep mode not reboot mode. touching the console power button quickly also puts it in sleep mode. make sure to hold your finger on it till it’s all the way off.

That worked, cheers. Unusually all my games crashed at loading/title screen. All seems fine now.