Is Forza motorsport 1 (original xbox) playable on the 360?

I was thinking about getting Forza 2 and 3 for the 360 and also getting the original Forza motorsport for the xbox. Is it playable on the current 360? I know some original xbox titles are playable on the 360 but some are not.
Any help appreciated


Forza Motorsport 1 does play on the Xbox 360. However, you cannot respray or apply decals to cars you’ve been gifted from companies or purchased from the dealership as it will simply corrupt that car’s skin file until you sell it and repurchase it (you can still pick any of the stock manufacturer colors when you first go to buy a car though). It kind of sucks because carbon fiber was actually a paint option for hoods, wings, and mirrors, plus there were pages and pages of manufacturer logos… That, and the intro video lags a lot. Aside from that, I don’t really recall any other issues trying to run it on a 360 instead of an original Xbox.

FM1 was an amazing game, and even though the 360 emulator version is slightly wonky, you’ll still enjoy it. Oh, and this thing called “night racing” existed back then…


Thank you for the detailed answer! Much appreciated!

Thanks I am going to buy forza 1 2 3 and 4 to go with my collection

I played FM1 on 360 waiting for FM2 back in the day . . . it was a wonderful time!

Some versions have audio issues with the XB360 emulator. Some cars (Like the Honda Integra/Acura RSX) are extremely quiet. Then the tires don’t sound the same as they do on the original Xbox.

The controller mapping isn’t to my liking. It’s liveable with a controller, but trying to use a wheel with it, will have you shifting using the face buttons. There are occasional frame rate issues. Rio and Alpine Ring are the most notorious for frame rate problems.

Other than that, it’s a decent playing game. It’s more alive on the original Xbox though. And the Nosliw code doesn’t work on the XB360. XBL defeats it by saying your game data is corrupted.

I have the first Forza on my 360 but when I start it (my copy and my 360 are both the US version, NTSC-U) I see the Xbox logo, then it turns grey and it shuts my console down, as if it’s refusing to play. Any help. I am also using an HDMI cable.

I haven’t tried the original Forza Motorsport on the XBox 360. I think I’ll try it. I have an original XBox and have played it on it but I don’t have a network connection for it. The Xbox 360 has a wireless network connection. I’m not sure if connecting to the network will affect the original Forza Motorsport. I wonder if there is any downloadable content. (Sarcasm)

I would need a ~50 foot cable to attach my original XBox to my router. I’m at work, we have CAT5 cable we don’t use. I have the connectors and the tool to make a cable. I think I know how I’ll spend the rest of my lunch hour.

I’ll let everyone know how Forza Motorsport compares on the original XBox and the 360.

I hooked up my original XBox. The 50 foot cable worked. However, I wasn’t able to connect to XBox Live. It turns out the original XBox hasn’t been able to connect to XBox Live since 2010.

I did play the original Forza Motorsport on my original XBox and on the 360. I couldn’t see a difference in game play. Addition: The XBox 360 controller seemed a little easier to use than the controller for the original XBox.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to connect to XBox Live, so there is no easy way to play online. There is a program called XBConnect they may make play online possible but I’m not going to try it.

I did a little more research about playing the original FM on the 360. It appears you need a HDD from Microsoft. I have read that if you have a 3rd party drive that is the same size it may work. I’m not sure I’d try this unless I had a spare drive of the right size lying around. The drives are available form $20 to $50 on ebay.

Jim, thank you very much for these updates, its certainly appreciated!

As I’ve mentioned in our msg exchange, my XBox 360 has yet to recognize my original Forza game which I bough completely new/packed disk. The 360 I bought with only 4GB, so, I later purchased a 500GB HDD from Amazon (SLIM Internal Hard Drive) which got the best reviews from the 360 community. It is also interesting that when I go to the menu under storage, the HDD is labeled as “Microsoft”. So, I was expecting (maybe hoping…lol…) it would work. When I place the disc on the 360 tray and try to boot it, it give me the following error(s)…“The game could’t start. Try downloading the game again. For more support, visit

SO, I am not sure why it tells me to download the game again…it’s the disk that it is reading!!!

I’ll keep searching to see if I can find a solution, and, if you (or others) find any additional leads, please let me know. Thank you!


Has your 360 updated - there is info that needs to be downloaded to allow the original Xbox games to play (an emulation profile). This LINK might help.

Funky, thanks for the lead. I had checked this link out before and actually downloaded the zip files, then proceeded to use the USB stick and when I powered the 360 up it did nothing. Then, I also burned a CD with the files, which is another option for the update, and again nothing happened. In addition, my 360 is directly connected to LIVE.

The biggest issue is that there is nowhere in the menu structure to actually see the “installed” version of the software. The XBox One does have that option. Unless I am missing something!! So, I am assuming it is updated, yet, who knows!! I have only had this brand new 360 for the last month.


Might be best to contact MS and see if they can help (will depend on who you get unfortunately).

I found some information about using 3rd party drives with an XBox 360 and playing XBox original games. The XBox original emulator only comes on official XBox 360 drives. The emulator will not be updated form XBox Live unless it is installed. Since the 3rd party drives don’t have the emulator it won’t be updated. Without the emulator you can’t play XBox original games.

Im a little late but there is a way to put an emulation profile on the drive, through using a sata cable with teh inside of a pc. So dc ur cd drive and lug in ur xbox drive and install the profile.

I have one of those “fake” drives. I can play Max PAyne GTA San andreas and doom 3 with og xbox discs

if i’m able to play forza motorsport 1 (the original) on xbox 360 then i’ll be happy

Played original one on my 360 last night. Still works the sound cuts off sometimes though.