Is forza 6 like forza 5?

I have been slow to upgrade to the current gen systems, and with the release of forza 6 I decided to take the plunge. I purchased the forza bundle and picked up a copy of forza 5 to play prior to moving onto 6. While what a disappointment. Please tell me that forza 6 is not anything like forza 5. I mean seriously. Racing simulator that has the track covered in garbage and pylons. Not to mention the drivatars. I mean the AI in forza 4 was a pain with them always pushing for the preferred driving line through corners. But in Forza 5 I constantly get T-Boned by some car a full speed while I am entering or at the apex of the corner. I will admit, I not very far into the game, but I can’t see it changing much. Just really hoping that Forza 6 is a complete change, or atleast back to Forza 4. Any opinions would be helpful, as I don’t really want to open the code if the game is bad. Atleast if the code is still unused, I might be able to recover some money if needed.

All I can say is do it. PLEASE redeem that code and get yourself into FM6. It’s a beautiful game and it’s nothing like, well, we don’t talk about FM5. Everything is as it should be. The career is much less linear and more interesting, the leagues keep the multiplayer slightly cleaner than in previous installments and most importantly, the community is flourishing back to life again. People are enjoying the game again and the paint and tune sub forums are bustling hives of activity and releases as they used to be. I can only urge you to jump over to 6 and forget that 5 ever happened with the rest of us.

Thanks, sounds like I will make the switch than before I lose interest.

I’d suggest paying close attention to these forums and the support forum as well. They improved on many things for FM6 but the took gigantic leaps backwards in other areas. The things you are complaining about still exist and in some cases it’s worse. Both games combined are still a massive leap backwards from Forza 4.

Forza 6 = Forza 5 + rain, night, different physics, few more cars and no game crash to main menu.

Same cars as all forza games, you get a few different ones per forza games, same goes for the tracks, still crashes to xbox desktop like it did in FH2, but for the night/rain you think you playing F5, I would wait till it drops down in price or when they fixed all the problems with this game.

If by “like Forza 5” you mean “awful” then no, it’s not like Forza 5.

If you’re expecting FM4 in terms of features however, prepare to be disappointed.

At it’s core, it plays much better than 5, so the driving and racing will probably remind you of 4. I would like some more of the features we had in the last gen games but overall, as someone who was incredibly disappointed with FM5, I think it was worth the purchase so far.

It’s somewhat like Forza 4, which is by far the best of the series, and almost nothing like the terrible microtransaction wonderland that was Forza 5. Screw that cash grab.

Forza 6 is what Forza 5 should have been, but light years from Forza 4, which is the best version so far.

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It shares a lot of similarity with Forza 5. Particularly the driving physics are a lot like 5 (although somewhat improved) it’s a very different feel to Forza 4 with driving. There are no online “economy” features like the storefront and auction house that Forza 4 had however.

I would say it’s more an improvement on Forza 5 than a true successor to Forza 4 - and missing a lot of great stuff that 4 had. The career is presented much better than 5 (which was really just a list of races by car type). Forza 6 does not have a lot of the really fun slower street cars that 4 had, but adds some great race cars that 4 did not have. You will enjoy GT, Indy and Prototype racing a lot more in 6 than any previous game.

Rain and night racing however are very cool additions.

if you loved forza 4 but hated 5 s u will love 6!!! I do

It is Forza 5 with new tracks, cars and features yes.

Forza 4 is still the king.

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