Is FM7 region locked?


I am trying to purchase FM7 digital version through Amazon UK, but when I try to proceed to checkout, I am told that this item is only available to customers inside UK.
My country doesn’t have an Amazon, so I can’t buy a “local” version.

Is FM 7 region locked? Are Xbox One games region locked?

Despite the date, that’s probably still true, and you should still be able to redeem a digital code you obtain. However, if Amazon won’t sell it, that’s probably a question for Amazon.

Xbox Live Countries and Regions
Below is the list of countries/regions where the Live service is supported. Game features that require the Live service are only available in these countries/regions. If your country/region is not on the list, please check back with us soon—we expand our services frequently and may be coming to your country/region in the near future.

Argentina: Spanish
Australia: International English
Austria: German
Belgium: Dutch, French
Brazil: Brazilian Portuguese
Canada: English, French
Chile: Spanish
China*: Simplified Chinese
Colombia: Spanish
Czech Republic: Czech
Denmark: Danish
Finland: Finnish
France: French
Germany: German
Greece: Greek
Hong Kong: Traditional Chinese, English
Hungary: Hungarian
India: English
Ireland: International English
Israel: Hebrew
Italy: Italian
Japan: Japanese
Korea: Korean
Mexico: Spanish
Netherlands: Dutch
New Zealand: International English
Norway: Norwegian
Poland: Polish
Portugal: Portuguese
Russian Federation: Russian
Saudi Arabia: International English
Singapore: International English
Slovakia: English
South Africa: International English
Spain: Spanish
Sweden: Swedish
Switzerland: German, French
Taiwan: Traditional Chinese
Turkey: Turkish
United Arab Emirates: International English
United Kingdom: International English
United States: English

  • Xbox Live is not available on Xbox 360 in these countries. Not all Xbox Live features on Xbox 360 are supported on Xbox One. Multiplayer between Xbox One and Xbox 360 is not supported. Customer Support for Xbox Live is only available in countries where Xbox Live is officially supported.
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Should you not be able to download direct from xbox? Either via the link below or through the xbox itself

You should be able to buy it from the Windows Store. It will work both on PC and Xbox.

It’s an issue with Amazon.

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No Xbox One or even Xbox backward compatible games are region locked. What’s happening is most likely it is not yet available for pre-ordering in the UK. That is the only logical conclusion I can come to because as I said, no current generation console games are region-locked. Thing of the past.

The payment method used can cause this if a card is used and the card billing address is outside the UK…

Although further checking suggests that they are now allowing this for some countries…

So were you able to buy it and redeem it in the end? I wanna do the same but do t wanna be stuck with a dud code.