Is FH2 worth to buy xbox one for it?

I would like to hear some opinions of players that actually play FH2 on xbox one. Just for your information I’m a big fan of FM2, FM3 and FM4. FH was ok but the driving physics didn’t meet my expectations. What about FH2? What are your thoughts on this game after few weeks of playing? Is it worth to buy a new console for it? All comments are welcome.

I bought my Xbox One just for Horizon 2. Not a single shred of regret, even with the price dropping in the UK a couple weeks later.

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I’ve been here since the very First beginning, and in my opinion are forza 5 and horizon 2 worth !

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I got my 360 copy on release day, it was ok but a few weeks later I had some luck gambling and picked up an Xbox One and the Ultimate Edition and it is amazing, well worth the spend if you’ve got it.
I can honestly say I won’t be getting bored of this game any time in the foreseeable future the game is Awesome!!!

Yes i would say so , go for it

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After the debacle that was the 360 release of Horizon 2, I am waiting to see how Forza 6 (when it releases) stacks up against Project Cars and next year’s GT7 et. all before making a decision.


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I’ve played the demo was instantly hooked and will receive my retail copy in the mail today. Forza 5 and FH2 are the 2 reasons you need a xbox one. These games made me remember that good feeling of playing a new forza game. I recommend it highly.

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Defo worth it, Best non sim racing game since PGR 4! And now with PCars delayed till march it gives you 5 months of pure fun! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Guys, I think your comments will help me to take the right decision ;-).

Get an Xbox One as quick as you can.

Horizon 2 is a good enough reason, but on the “horizon” there are a lot of games coming out that will blow people’s minds. You’re still at the dawn of a new generation, now’s the time to buy if you can.

The holiday software avalanche is about to commence.


Source: I bought a One just for Horion 2. Skipped Forza 5, no regrets. Wait untill Forza 6 is announced, n start drooling :wink:

It depends what you’re into, I’d certainly buy it for this game, but I prefer open world racing more than track based, and many more great ones to come out, or if you’re a track guy then Fm6 should be out in November 2015 if you’d like to wait that long. We can all say its a great game etc, but in the end it’s your personal choice

sounds amazing for the xbox one owners but sucks for the xbox 360 owners :frowning: they are going to lose many fans if things don’t change.

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I’m another who got an XBO specially for FH2 but I was also impressed with how good other games look on it. Its raw rendering power is a huge step up from what the 360 could do. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

I got One for FM5. Had I not, FH2 would’ve got me to do.

No one game is worth buying a console for. You should always have multiple games you’re interested in before making a purchase like that, therefore maximizing the value of the console purchase.

Horizon 2 is definitely among the best games for the Xbox One, and is without a doubt the best driving game available for it. And the Xbox One version is of course the one to buy, too… just look into the other great games available for the system.

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I bought Xbox One specifically for Forza 5. Horizon 2 is a huge bonus. I enjoy Horizon 2 more than Forza 5.

Other than a download of an old arcade game (Lode Runner), which I rarely play, the only games I own and play are Forza 2, 3, 4, 5 and Horizon 1 and 2.


I’ll be the devil’s advocate. No, I wouldn’t buy the Xbox One just for Horizon 2. Horizon 2 is a fun game. I enjoy it a lot but I consider it a game.

I’d buy an Xbox one for Motorsport 5 or wait for Motorsport 6. That being said, there are a lot of issues with Motorsport 5. However, the cars behave like they should. Most of the cars feel right. I consider Motorsport more of a simulation.

When I just want to have fun, I play Horizon. When I went to be more serious, I play one of the Motorsports.

Tomorrow, I get to be really serious. I get to actually drive a Ferrari California, Aston Martin Vantage, and a 2014 Corvette Stingray.

Nice, some manner of performance-driving school?