Is anyone on Xbox getting audio dropout issues

…just curious, I run HDMI audio to my TV and then output from the TV pass-though via optical to a sound bar…this isn’t my only audio configuration but its where I have noticed a problem lately, while playing Horizon I will get intermittent audio drop out for a split second, almost like the optical or HDMI cable momentarily loses sync…it then immediately comes-back.

Yes I’ve checked the cables…just curious if anyone has noticed this recently or if it’s just something on my side, maybe related to a TV firmware update or something.

Probably HDMI cable, I’ve had loads of bad cables.

not detected such issue on my side / regular 1X/HDMI/TV setup.

  • disable your sound bar for a session to see if issue lies there.
  • As AquaPainter168 suggests, testing with another hdmi cable could be a way to solution

from experience it can happen that a FH updates corrupts the game. if none of above works, I would recommend to wipe and reinstall the game.

Yeah if its not a common thing I’m going to have to look at that HDMI connector and port, I think…

thx for the replies