Is anyone having issues Rivals/Leaderboards/ etc?

Hi folks.

As the title, is anyone experiencing issues today ( especially as of about 5pm GMT today )

When I go to Rivals, nothing loads up.

When doing Career/Championship races, none of my friends Drivatars are showing in races, no Rivals here either, no leaderboards loading before and after races?

I’ve hard reset the console, reset my broadband, still issues.

Any help of advice would be greatfully received.

Yep, same here. Probably server issues.

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Probably some sort of maintenance.

It’ll be up and running soon, I’m sure.

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@ RubberDave.

Many thanks for the quick reply.

Not glad there is issues but glad it’s not just me lol

Cheers again.

Yep same here, I’m sure it will be back up shortly though. Stigs digital cousin will have to wait for him/her to beat me once again.

You are not alone :wink: Same issue here in good old Germany :wink:

Maybe T10 is preparing some big big things still to come in April… :wink:

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Same probs with me in not so sunny Scotland. Hopefully they’ll sort this soon.

Since today I have same issue as you guys. And also a crash after finishing any race driving free dlc car 2011 ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA. It says Loading Menus and then dashboard…

This usually happens with they are doing maintenance.

Everything is back up for me now, don’t know about anyone else though.

Rivals are working again.

microsofts build 2014 keynote just got over. i think their serves were probably getting slammed.