Is anyone getting the MadCatz wheel?

I have decided to get the MadCatz wheel after much debate, I was wondering if any of you were getting it as well. I am building the PVC rig that Inside Sim Racing built. Hopefully it will be a blast.

Do you have the TX at present?

I was down for a launch day wheel (I much preferred the look of the madcatz to the TX) but when they pushed it back until 1st June I pulled my order and got the TX. I’ll be watching with interest, I hope it’s a good rival and I may consider it again if people think it’s an improvement over the TX.

I’d wait for the first reviews before you pull the trigger. MadCatz doesnt have the best reputation in regards to controller hardware, even though the quality of their products seem to have improved recently. They bought some other hardware manufacturers like SAITEK and are now selling these products under the MadCatz brand, but if they really stepped up the game remains to be proved.

I’m wondering what led to your decision to get the MC wheel instead of the TX without knowing the pro’s and con’s of both wheels?

There was already a review posted. It’s as weak as a dishrag.

This thing is taped to the table, taped. It also lap mounts which would leave you crippled with any other wheel.

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I played with a TX and it felt like a toy. Yes the FFB was there but the whole rig felt like it was going to fall apart if I were to have sudden snap over steer.

Wow, so you decided to drop ~300 bucks on a wheel that hasnt even being tested yet (at least the final retail version)?

As Worm mentioned before, the MC offers a lap mount, something you wouldnt see for a pro-sumer wheel. That leads to the assumption that FF effects are pretty light, something that has been critizised by several previewers already. It also offers only two DORs (270 and 900) while the TX goes with 270, 360, 520 and 900 which can be changed on the fly. Add this to the industrial grade brushless FF motors and the upcoming/existing addons (two addon wheels, pedals with progressive brake and clutch pedal, h-pattern/sequential shifter) and you might understand that i’m puzzled that someone sees it as a toy and opts to buy a wheel from a mediocre brand that hasnt even a strong track record on wheels.

i’d think about you decision again if i’d be you :wink:

and no…i’m not a TM fanboy :wink:

I haven’t dropped money on anything yet. I understand that MC hasn’t had the best reputation in the past but I am willing to give them a shot if the wheel feels right. I am going to be trying the MC before I buy it. I will also be running the TX again to do a better one to one comparison.

Yes the TX has more features but the feel of the thing is a big thing for me. I don’t want to be running a wheel that feels like its going to fall apart. The advertised materials for the MC wheel makes it look a bit more solid. The IGN video did not provide any idea of how the wheel is. Taped to a table is nowhere near a proper test.

I’m using the TX since 2 months now, and it never felt like a toy to me or like its falling apart any moment. The base is absolutely ok, very similar to the T500, but with a smaller footprint. I agree that the stock 458 wheel feels a bit toy-ish. I replaced mine with the GTE wheel after a few weeks because i didnt like the “ergonomic” rim of the stock wheel. The GTE is a bit heavier which improves the FF feeling quite a lot and i’m having an absolute blast with this combination and FM5.

I dont want to bash the MC wheel, MadCatz surely knows that they need to bring up a worthy competitor to the TX if they want to get a share in this price sector, but i remain sceptical :wink: But i have to admit, the wheel looks sexy on the pictures, seems like they have used a lot of high grade materials for the outer parts, but no one knows whats inside (and thats the important part of a wheel, imo). Might be difficult to keep a 300 dollar price tag if the inner workings are high grade as well

we will see soon, should be out in a month if it hasnt been delayed again

I saw that the MadCatz wheel only has 2 DOR settings. That made me chuckle. Plus, imho I think the MC just looks cheap. The Thrustmaster will be king on Xbox One for now, no doubt.

I absolutely love my TX. I agree though, the stock rim just didn’t feel right. I noticed 1 month ago, Amazon had marked both add on rims way down, so I pulled the trigger & bought them. I got the GTE rim first (F1 on back order). Right away, I instantly loved the GTE rim over the one that came with the TX. Then about 2 weeks later, the F1 rim came. The F1 rim is my personal favorite & is the rim that stays on my TX. I really love the shape of it. I can do faster countersteer with it because of its shape. Someone pitted me the other night on Forza 5, however with the F1 rim, I snatched the other way so fast & saved my car from being taken out. I could not do that with stock rim, just to awkard. If you haven’t tried the F1 rim, give it a shot.

I’m waiting for the Fanatec wheel to come out might be a little bit but well worth the wait!

From memory the MC wheel has cockpit mount points. The six month delay to release may or may not be a positive sign. I’m also waiting to see what Thomas has on the warming tray. Hopefully some competition in the market will force TM to recalibrate their price model and come up with some decent package options. Over 600 AUD for an xbox wheel with crap pedals is still just as extortionate as it was six months ago.

I wouldn’t. The last MC product I bought was for the PS1. Anything I bought from them a long time ago was junk & I have avoided that brand for at least 14 years.