Is anyone even reporting/investigating the myriad of visual glitches and bugs?

right - so hard to ignore a few visual bugs like:

  • cars with no shifting animation at all - prime suspects: classic/vintage grand prix cars, can am race cars, a few supercars
  • the F40’s turbo needle does not work properly after upgrading turbo (resets back to zero)
  • In one car I noticed the driver’s legs looked all funny and mangled - sorry, can’t remember which one
  • Lighting inconsistency - suddenly looks very dark even though the sky isn’t and gosh, those brake lights start to glow bright orange/neon and not red (not with every car but most cars)

Is this not considered important or will the devs just look the other way and let the animations on several dozen cars broken? Not sure how long these bugs have existed - but why aren’t they being looked at?


The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro has visual issues as well. The left tail pipe is missing (when in a race single/multiplayer but is displayed in the static garage or vista.) and when you get rear-ended dead on the rear bumper pushes so far forward that it creates a black gaping square inside the bumper. The other issue is in the paint shop with the Camaro, when applying the carbon fiber black paint look on the rims, the back ones display properly and the front rims look like they are made of some weird sparkles, it’s illuminated way more than the backs. Plus the new McLaren Senna doesn’t display properly right before you enter a race, the inside brake vent (drivers side) with the blue and black bleeds onto one another and distorts. Just a couple to add to the list.

Exactly. Not important.

I’d prefer them to give us working headlights at night 100% of the time, a smooth car selection online and a countdown in lobbies of an extra 30 seconds at least.