They said almost a year ago it was coming to the game, any word yet?

Who did and where

In the May 9th episode of Robin Miller’s Mailbag, he was interviewing C.J. O’Donnell who is a marketing executive for IndyCar.

I don’t know if the above link will work from the forums, but I read it there. O’Donnell says the new UAK will be coming to Forza 7. I’ve been waiting (not very patiently) to set up some races in free play with these awesome looking machines. That’s assuming they use the road kit & not the super speedway kit in the game. Although, it would be nice to have both.

Actually he said Forza…he didn’t specify Forza 7 or Horizon 4. I’m going to assume he meant 7 though. I would be super ticked off if Horizon got them & 7 didn’t. That interview was almost 9 months ago, so maybe the deal fell through. Let’s hope not.

I’m gonna call it and say it fell through. Surely we would have either had it by now or got more word on it. I’m just begging for more content/ expansion right now. And I’m talking race cars not collectors items.


It probably did fall through. I’m just hoping Turn 10 was waiting for the last car pass car pack to be released before offering the new Indycars as a paid expansion with a possible new track. I think FM7 would be the first game since FM4 not to have an expansion with a track & car pack. I could be wrong on that…I never bought FM5. I would certainly pay for an IndyCar pack though. I’d even take a vacation day from work so I could have 8 hours at home with no wife & kids…just me, my INDYCAR, & a whole lot of AI to race against.


Rumor has it we’re getting a Indianapolis 500 themed update this week or next, if it’s happening it’ll be now.

I want to hope you’re right. So with that, do you have any proof? Like where are these rumors coming from? What’s the reason it’s rumor?

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The Forza Monthly teaser pic showed the Brawner Hawk with the 50th anniversary Andretti paint scheme with what appeared to be 2019 spec Indycars behind it.

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GTPlanet have also added speculation on this exact subject: New IndyCar Content (Finally?) Coming to Forza Motorsport 7; More Details May 7 – GTPlanet

Sincerely hoping this is true…wringing my hands waiting now…

Hopefully this comes to fruition.

I am liking the chances of this happening, but I guess we will find out on Tuesday next week. This is the one thing I have been clamoring for. Literally since the day the universal aero kit was revealed, I have been desperately waiting for it to come to F7. I have Project Cars 2 and a few other racing games to get my fix, but Forza has always been my absolute number one game, from the very beginning. This will truly make me so happy if they finally give us the IR-18. Fingers are crossed!!!

I can remember being a teenager & having a girlfriend who was the WORST rooster-tease. Her name was Amy. Hopefully Turn 10 doesn’t become an “Amy” with the new Indycars. That being said, I think it’s finally going to happen. Connor Daly is going to be on the next Forza Monthly broadcast. If they give us both aerokits, his livery for this year’s Indy 500 is SICK! One of the best looking liveries for an INDYCAR I’ve ever seen. It would be nice to have both road & super speedway packages, but the road is the better/more important of the two. Come on T10…don’t let us down!!

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I agree on Conor’s livery. I was there last week for the test and took some photos. Will try to post them soon (chadsmithphotos .com)

Remember, don’t get your hopes up. This is Turn10 we’re talking about. Just remember their IMSA partnership and what happened with that. I guarantee nothing will come next week but I have some hope that I will be proven wrong.

Look at the new picture of the Indycars from the twitter feed. Rossi’s car looks like it has the red sidewalls (soft compound) & the other car has the blacks (medium/hard compound). Manteo max put the new picture in the May Forza monthly thread of the forums. I wonder if that is going to be just cosmetic or if it will be a variable in the new indycar pack. Either way…INDYCARS ARE COMING!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:. Man I’m stoked! (Edit) the red on Rossi’s tires actually looks orange…maybe that’s just a reflection from the sun…weird that a tire could reflect the sun though.

The tires on that first picture you are referring to (which is actually Dixon on the left, Rahal on the right) that is definitely the sun. The picture from the FB page makes me wonder. The tires on Newgarden’s car look a little white/pinkish to me, definitely not all black. That would be outstanding if that is part of the package, I know PC2 already has that, but we will see. Regardless, I am just so freaking jacked up about getting the new UAK for the IndyCar. I have been waiting for this forever. Thank you T10!!!

Definitely ir18’s in the picture that was just posted in the livestream post.