Invisible roads. (PC)

So. My pc has 8 gigs of ram. a amd fx770k oem and a 970. capable of vr and AAA games. sure it might be bottling a bit. but it works well. but there is an issue. the road is invisibl all the bloody time. the higher the settings. the more of these occur. i set fps limit to 28. fixed until the winter stage which unlocks the fps. and then all the issues start arrising. its bloody annoying. if anywone has a fix or a resolve tell me. might buy it on xbox instead. but wanna buy it for pc due to friends doing the same and i have wheel that dont work on xbone. if i buy it on xbox can i play it with pc playas as well? sorry for masive questions. i just wanna play goddamnit

Xbox players and PC players play the game together. If you’re on xbox you can play with your friends

Have you got a monitor thats capable of over 60Hz? If so, try setting your monitor to 60Hz mode. This may solve it.

It works for me and at least one other user.