Invisible road bumps

Today I was cruising around with my sport car and found out some invisible bumps. It’s very low sport car and every bump could be fatal. Has anybody noticed any invisible bumps? I tried to go back to Festival if it’s not anything from other car and restart the game. It was at north Edinburgh the uphill road. It’s pretty crazy but I would say it wasn’t there before but it’s hard to say.

Yeah… I have a vid where it flipped my car into the air …
your tune probably is allowing the car to somehow sink in the ground … mine generates sparks when I go above a certain speed (sinking into ground) … this is when you notice the bumps

Not exactly the same but maybe related, I noticed that my 2013 Lamborghini Veneno slowed down on the black tarmac in Edinburgh like it was quicksand. it was very strange, and when I went on brown road the car would speed up again.

Sounds pretty cool. Where I can find it?

All the black bumpy road did it.

It was stock FXX-K.

I know the speed glitch, it’s normal but probably a bug. Then you can hit more stuff for sure, but I don’t like it so I try to tune it away.

I researched it more so it was active the most around 60 km/h. With higher speeds it looked almost normal. There are some other small invisible road bumps around which could be OK and really big ones where my car jumped around 40 cm up.

Edinburgh City Sprint!!! After you make that first left turn…maybe the first 100 feet once the route hits the straight line…there is a bump right there that I ALWAYS hit. Its enough to cause you to lose traction, even in a AWD car

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Wow, thanks, will try it if it’s similar.

From last time I found many new weird situations. Maybe it’s my game, maybe it’s performance mode (no graphics for bumps), I don’t know.

Can somebody help me with the place near the Deep vale speed trap from train bridge near the wooden gate? My car always sinks a bit at one place and it’s pretty annoying. I am not sure why it is. Would be nice to understand it.