Invisible Ramp


I’ve a bug with a invisible ramp that can’t give jump acces to a Transport Bonus that is on the top of a church.
When a friend show me how he does : he jump on an invisible ramp and if i take it i can’t get on it, i across it because it not on my screen.
He said maybe i must unlock something but i’ve unlock a lot of things and there is no ramp again and again.

You unlock the ramp by progressing in the Danger Zones.

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Yes thank you, i saw that they are visible with new danger zone…
When i think i was trying to get some inaccessibles Bonus by trying to jump with S2 cars :smiley: But, i was near to get the one on the top of the tube without the ramp ! :smiley:
Maybe it should be invisible too.
So let’s get them all now !