Invisible players in Horizon Open

I see people are having this problem in other areas of the game but haven’t seen a thread about this issue in Horizon Open.

Often times, Horizon Open races will have one or two players who are invisible - aside from seeing this phenomenon myself with friends, I know it exists because I’m often the invisible player and have to endure hacking accusations and generally un-fun racing. I’ve been told by friends I play with that sometimes my car will just remain stationary at the start line while other times upon race start I’ll simply blink out of existance. While normally I’d relish in the idea of being completely invisible to other players, leaving them to guess what position they’re actually in until the checkered flag, the problem is that other cars will take priority over my own since I don’t ‘exist’ in their game, which leads to being shoved out of the way and more importantly shoved out of checkpoints frequently. Jokes aside, it makes Open racing mostly unplayable for me and it’s where I spent most of my time in Horizon 3 and 4.

I was hoping that this first hotfix might rectify the issue but it looks like it hasn’t - is this a known issue to PG? I’m playing on PC, is it an issue on my end? Has anyone else had to suffer being a phantom car in an online lobby?