Invisible Cars After Pit Stops [XBOX]

First, it’s great to see that you guys are actively working on improving the game and fixing issues (thank you).

One of the bigger problems that I - and about 30 other racers in the league I help run - am facing is one of disappearing cars that are simply invisible to other drivers after a pit stop. What seems to happen is that on rare occasions, a driver will make a scheduled pit stop, and their car will become invisible to some other drivers in the same lobby. The invisible car will still be on-track, able to see other vehicles, and can still collide with other vehicles on-track (even those that are not visible to the car in question).

Obviously, this presents a problem when racing in close proximity with damage set to simulation, and is starting to affect the overall enjoyment of drivers in our league’s races, and those of us who organize the events with myriad solutions that don’t quite work.

Some additional background on setups: This is taking place in private multiplayer lobbies with approximately 12-14 racers per room. As far as I know, everyone is on XBOX, and on either the standard Xbox or Xbox One S (no Xbox One X). Hosts are connected via ethernet, with users primarily on ethernet, but may also be on a wireless connection (series rules are to be on a wired connection, but there’s no way to check if there isn’t any lag present). We’ve tried both with/without the quick stop options to no avail. Collision mode is set to always on and pit stops don’t usually start happening until 10-15 minutes into the race. Race chat is conducted in a private party chat and we make sure all users can see the right # of cars in the lobby before starting the race. It seems to be tied to pit stops specifically.

We’ve faced the issue at the following tracks:
-Brands Hatch Indy
-Mt. Panorama/Bathurst

Will update if I obtain video footage, but so far we’re out of luck on visual evidence.

I’m aware this is a known problem in some semi-official channels, but wanted to post it here in case others are facing the same issue, and to hopefully resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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