invisible bumps

When are these tracks gonna be sorted? Some are stupidly bad.

When they bring the road working machines out to the track and do some grinding.
Then we have to send T10 guys out to re laser scan the track.


What tracks are you speaking of?

Oh, that magic bump on Prague heading onto the bridge is a KILLER.

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There’s one on Le Mans too

That’s what’s great about laser scanning, those bumps are their in real life!

And the Sebring “bumps” - Even portions of Road America have areas to which you must be careful and accurate. Even the real drivers in real cars, do too.

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Deathmetalracer, thankyou so much for your helpful post. Could you do me one more thing (because your being so helpful). Explain this for me. The front or rear of my car will lift a good couple of feet off the floor on certain occasions (regardless of car or tune), speed is usually around 70mph. Would you not think a ‘bump’ that could do that would be visible?

Sorry can’t help you there, not sure what part of the track you’re referring to. I’ve raced a good few hundred laps around Le Man and never had a car lift off the ground, if you have some video footage of the incident I’d be interested to see it.

Like the killer kerbs, the invisible bumps are a case of once bitten … well alright, maybe several times bitten. You either learn how to deal with them, or drive around them. There’s little likelihood that T10 will be releasing any redrawn tracks without snapping kerbs and invisible surface irregularities.

Hi wearymick, i agree with you. Those killer curbs either make you or break you lol. I’ve learnt too deal with it, it’s only one corner on one track that it happens to me on so its not the end of the world. I love how the tracks have been scanned, all the bumps and lumps in the tracks add to the forza experience. The guys and gals at turn10 have put a lot of hard work into this, and I’m very grateful to them. Forza is awesome, simples.

Yeah me as well. If there were no bumps and drops in the track surface it would not be real experience. I have never seen a track yet in real life that does not have undulations and bumps in it ever. especially the older the track gets and is in an environmental area that has freeze and thaw cycles during the year. makes these worse over time. some of these will feel pretty rough in the car when driving even if you cant see them. (due to speed or setup of car or whatever) if is a very bumpy track like Sebring may need to soften the suspension a bit to ride the bumpiness better.

As far as kurbs… I have seen cars get thrown cross track if going over one of those as well. particularly if is a high kurb. seen it in F1 many times where a car gets kicked off one of the kurbs if they hit one wrong and slides to other side of track…sometimes with bad consequences if narrow track or s-curve that recovery is difficult. some tracks have unforgiving kurbs like that in real life, and there are some in real life that you can ride over without too much adverse affect on car. but more track designers are making the kurbs more dangerous to ride over on newer tracks (or when revamp older ones) so that drivers really do need to stay on the racing line as much as possible.

If you watched Sebring past weekend you could see the roughness of the track is very much there in real life just like on the game. I think T10 has done an awesome job with track/car physics. not sure there is much needed to improve that aspect.

I for one don’t want to race on tracks that would be as flat as a hockey rink…how real would that be?

I wouldn’t want the bumps taken out. Some “added shading” so I could spot them would be nice. But it’s all part of learning the track.

Seasonal fluctuation would be pretty cool too, but if they go out to laser-scan I’d prefer more tracks to re-doing anything already in FM5. Road America has been such a fun addition for me, I’d love to get that again with another new track.

There’s also an invisible bump at the carousel on the Alps tracks. Strangely enough, I’ve only hit it twice. This is certainly not an issue of laser scanning… But I will “record that” the next time it happens. Sends the car completely out of control.

DMR, I’m useless when it comes to computers and uploading stuff mate. I’ll see if one of my friends will do it for me next time it happens. To be honest I’m not entirely sure what causes it, i just thought it was odd because off how much it lifts the car at such low speeds. Next time it happens and i manage to record it I’ll drop you a message so you can have a look and maybe point me in the right direction, I’ve tried various tunes (my own and other peoples too) and still get the same results, dont get me wrong this is not an issue that stops me playing or enjoying the game and because its not often I’ll just shrug my shoulders, man up and take it on zee chin, it’s not the end of the world. Thanks for the reply.