[INVESTIGATING] Telemetry problems after April update

Hi all
Has anyone been experiencing telemetry problems after the April update? All of the displayed values in the ‘general’ tab are super delayed. However, the blue and red bars in the speedometer are accurate. This isn’t affecting the cars performance, only the telemetry values. It’s not game breaking but it’s certainly annoying. The telemetry also isn’t registering left turns, although the car itself is still handing as normal.


We will pass this along to be investigated.


Ok thank you

Over two months now Soy. Any progress on getting this fixed, especially the camber issue. Us tuners need this function.

An update on progress would be appreciated.


To add onto this, there is also a problem with the horsepower readings.

It seems that the peak HP increases as the speed of the vehicle increases?

For example, in my 604hp car, peak HP in 3rd gear is 595, 4th is 599, and 5th is 602. I tried changing the transmission ratios, so that 5th was the same as 4th previously, and so on, but it didn’t change the peak output so it doesn’t appear to be gear based.

That’s to be expected if the car has a ram-air intake.


A) It doesn’t.
B) Forza has never simulated that before.
C) Before the patch it read 604 peak HP in every gear when it got to the correct revs.

I’m also noticing a few more bugs.
I was in an Aston Martin Vulcan. Auto-homologated + race flywheel upgrades. Stock tune aside from 27psi tyres front and rear, full downforce front and rear, 53% brake bias at 200% Pressure. Track was Monza, full alt layout

All of the telemetry tabs were delayed, but not as badly as the ‘general’ tab. They didn’t update fully (only halfway) until I went onto said tab.
After a few test drive laps, the right suspension front and rear was staying maxed out at a constantly changing 8 digit number, although the car wasn’t bottoming out at all. Also (and I’ve noticed this on loads of cars), sometimes after going onto the ‘heat’ tab, the centre part of a random tyre will stay red; it only goes back to normal after closing and reopening the telemetry

Having trouble getting my game to update. Start the game via Xbox disc and all i get is the Turn 10 and Microsoft titles and a blank screen with the games music playing. No signs of an update. i looked for updates but nothing.

Yes there is a clear issue.
Telemetry, suspension for example, seems to be lagging / in slow motion.
I have seen front left spring go to a many digit value.
Looks like a combination of either a low refresh rate of the values of even a disconnect between what the car is doing and the telemetry (demo mode or something?)

Additional Telemetry issue. While watching replays or using Telemetry in Test Drive (looks like anywhere, but that is where I tested), the Camber Angles display 0.00. Occasionally they change a bit if there is a severe change (running over the edge of the track), but they stay at 0.00.

I can verify that the Camber angles are also messed up in single player races (rivals, driver’s cup, and free play). I did not test multiplayer.

Things like this keep me from enjoying what should have been a good game.

+1 telemetry settings bugged. Xbox One X.

Problems I’ve found on the Xbox were:

  1. Wrong suspension travel readings, usually a large negative number. Might go back to normal after driving for some time.
  2. Different power ratings for each gear.
  3. Delay in telemetry readings, big enough to make them mostly useless.
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I’ve noticed the delay as well, especially when you open the telemetry after its already driving. It almost looks like it is taking a rolling average for its outputs or something.

Camber readout is locked at 0.00 as well, and the tire temperatures appear to reflect that as reality. They are abnormally consistent.

Has anyone determined if these are display issues or if they are affecting actual gameplay? One of my tunes feels awfully compliant compared to how it used to drive, and some of my friends are hitting previously unheard of lap times in it. Unfortunately because that tune is for a league that is actually a problem for me.

Why the hell is this still not fixed? Admittedly not many people use telemetry but for those that do, this is a game breaker!

  • Right hand tyre temps are transposed (inside gets hotter during turn!)
  • Spring rates are slow to change and sometimes shows as counting down from infinity
  • Dynamic camber is stuck at 0
  • Throttle and brake % are too slow counting up, I can be holding the throttle at full for a few seconds before the % gets to 100%

It seems with every update something else goes wrong! Stop releasing new cars and fix the damn game!

I can confirm that of the issues posted above, at least the following 2 are still present after yesterday’s update. Are these still under ‘investigation’…?

  • Spring rates are slow to change and sometimes shows as counting down from infinity
  • Dynamic camber is stuck at 0

Considering when the first reports of this started arriving, shouldn’t they be able to track it down to the changes required to show telemetry during multiplayer spectate? 2 updates without anything more than “investigating” is annoying for anyone who tunes.

Also will note that the updating values lag behind input, especially apparent with analog inputs.

It gets worse: if you watch telemetry during a replay - especially the Heat page- and use the triggers to go forward and back in the replay, you find that the telemetry shows different numbers at any specific point you go back to multiple times.

It gets better: again on the Heat screen, if confused by some wheels (especially left rear) appearing to show reversed sets of temps, try doing some S-turns along a straight - the temps suddenly come to life and appear to behave themselves for a short time.

But really, how long does it take this to be fixed?

I have problems as well. Most noticeable is the camber stuck at 0 — and this is an important tuning tool!