[INVESTIGATING] Still No Multiplayer Liveries!

Since the November 3rd update we have not been able to see liveries in multiplayer lobbies on all platforms and in all the forms of multiplayer. I assumed there would be a fix in the most recent update (Nov 8th) but there still is not.


It’s a known issue and the development team are investigating, I have been told.

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Yeah, this is a massive let down for the guys who do organised racing. We’ve spent 10 days making liveries for all the cars and then don’t see them at all.
Massively disappointing this…


idk if its connected but in sp mode sometimes the cars loose the livery and became dark grey… i have to reselect the car from garage to have the livery back

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I’ve noticed this too since Nov. 3rd
In the Lobby before Multiplayerraces you can’t see Cars or Drivers from other Players too, when they got a livery on their car. Cars without livery are visible.
Time for a fix !

Yep, that’s right, since the big update on Nov 3 the custom liveries are messed up. Not only in MP but in Single Play as well. All races i’ve done since, be it career or free play, not a single drivatar car shows a custom livery. Prior to this particular patch, liveries were loaded onto the drivatars, making it a beauty to see all them beautiful liveries made by artist in the FM7 community.

This issue happened after the big patch and yesterday’s smaller patch didn’t fix the missing liveries. The interesting thing is, it doesn’t affect everyone. Some people in our multiplayer lobby saw all the liveries, most people didn’t.

I heard those that have the glitch win 10x the credits. Maybe it should be fixed asap! :wink: :wink:

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It is still an issue. I get frustrated when i paint a car for several hours, and then on raceday with my friends… All are driving the same livery. Please Fix this asap. Thanks

Edit: The issue occurs in single and multiplayer.

The most recent patch fixed the livery issue for all of four hours. I could see custom liveries in online lobbies and single player, but the game got stuck in a menu and wouldn’t load up. After exiting the game and rebooting it, the livery issue came back.

I don’t know what the issue is, but this is a huge problem for us that run leagues and events that rely on us having custom liveries and now we’re all stuck having the same exact paint jobs. This should have been fixed already.

Yeah same here… Our league just had it’s second event with no custom paint showing. That is a big let down after all the work that goes into them by the members…

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ever get the feeling this GAME will never be complete!

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… I spend countless hours in design as do many others. And that is my fav part of game. Bad enuff my designs are dependent on electricity to exist, but now to not even show during meets is too much!
So anyone have any info on what is being done to resolve this cornerstone part of Forza?
What if tracks didn’t show? Bet we would see a quick fix for that…

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Adding my thoughts to the echochamber. Not that it matters.

I run a league that switched to Forza 7 from FM6. Several of our members purchased the game exclusively for running in the league. This livery issue is a real bummer for us. Along with rolling starts being disabled, and a bunch of other lag/connection issues has really hurt Turn 10’s image.

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I’m also seeing this issue in SP freeplay.

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Starting to see the issue in SP as well. Some races in Freeplay for the Forzathon with the 3-Eleven and the Volvo STCC has the livery completely wrong on my car, almost like the colours were inverted. My 3-Eleven has the stock green and gold and got gray and purple. And the Volvo got gray and yellow. Very strange and disappointing…

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still the same november 16. plz turn10 do something !

I hope they announce a new patch in todays Week in Review !

they are in holydays… maybe something next week