[INVESTIGATING] One Make Race With AI Bug?

Hi everyone…

Im not sure if this is a bug or something that just hasn’t been implemented properly but i am trying to setup a race in freeplay. What i am trying to do is make it so the AI has to use a certain make and model car for the race. Essentially a one make race (Similar to the ones already in Forza). However once i have set it up (Set Max drivertars, Laps, track, make / model etc) and press start race the AI Dont spawn in. they dont show up in the Pitstop menu either. and i am also the only one in the starting grid. I dont know if this is just a bug or something im doing wrong but it would be most appreciated if i could find an answer.


Have you used the reset button in the pre race menu already? This sometimes will clear bugged settings.

This is something that we are currently investigating.