[INVESTIGATING] No more double forzathon points after update....

Is there anyone else that have not gotten double forzathon points after the last update to the game?

If so anyone know how to fix the problem?

Have tried to delete and install VIP file and enter the house again, but still the same problem.

Just last night I did one of the dailies (complete a Dirt Scramble) and a Forzathon Live and got my double points.

Are you double-checking your points tally before/after or just going by what pops up on-screen? The 2x bonus doesn’t alter the pop-up (it still says 10/20/30pts) but the tally will go up by 2x.

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I am double-checking what i get. No problems with it before…

Yes, many people have this problem, although others don’t. The reason is still unknown and there are threads about this, as this one here:

I have the same issue since the 23th october update. Tried everything, but no way to solve this alone.

And yes, we are in fact checking if we are not getting double points, it’s pretty easy to do it. Just look before and after a challenge or event. We are winning only what shows on screen, and not the double of it.

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Thanks, I will take a look.
Hope they will fix it soon!

Do you possibly have a screen shot before and after winning the Forzathon points? Or even a video capture of you receiving the points and checking the amount?

You can also sumbit a ticket here.

I will try to upload video/pictures.

Same problem, please fix it !

Whats the point of a screenshot. 30 points instead of 60 after a Forzathon event.
It’s simple. Fix it.

Well, it’s quite possible that they’ll compensate those that can prove they’ve been short changed, since it doesn’t affect everyone.

Wait what? You normally get 60 points when having VIP/Pre Order?

jepp, but now we are like the normal copys.

I had the same problem, turned out that I didn’t actually own the Lake House any more, so no double points. I just had to buy the house again, which was free, and gave me 5 super wheel spins too. This has happened twice now, so I just check that I own the house when I boot up the game before doing anything Forzathon related :slight_smile:


Clearly you don’t have the same problem as us, then.

We do have the lake house bought and still don’t get the double points. I check everytime if I own the house and if I’m getting double FP after challenges and events, and I’m not.

Clearly I typed “the same problem” instead of “a similar problem” then. Tut tut, me and my similes eh? Clearly I wasn’t trying to offer some insight into a SIMILAR issue that others might be having, that could be easily fixed by following my advice, as clearly your issue is the only one that’s affecting Forzathon points, or is at least the only one that’s important enough for anyone to be able to address…

Lesson “don’t try to help” has been learned…

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I also found that I no longer owned the house after two Forzathon Live events gave me 30 points each instead of the usual. The solution was as stated above. Just buy the house again for 0 credits and the problem was solved, although if I remember correctly, it cost 750,000 credits when I bought it the first time.

If you have VIP you would have got it free
Otherwise it was 5 million credits

I’ve sent in my stats as well as I was previously receiving double points but not any longer (Yes, have the lake house).

From my Horizon Life stats page:

Weekly - 5 x 100 = 500
Daily - 48 x 10 = 480
Events - 32 x 30 = 960
Total: 1940
Total x 2 (VIP): 3880 - Expected
Total registered: 3050

Missing: 830
nb: Not included is the additional 30 points for completing 7 weekly & daily as stats don’t indicate this.
This could possible extend the missing out an additional 300 for a total missing of: 1130


I am new here and I just logged in here to add my 2cents on this.
I did the weekly and all dailies, set the house to my active house, checked again. Nothing. I didn’t get any doubt points this week at all.

Any new on how to fix it.?
I took screenshots to prove it needed.
As of this week I am missing at least 300 forzathon points.

Where can I submit this officially?
I have uploaded my screenshot to observe, I have them in my timeline.
I am playing on Xbox, so I don’t have anything on my PC as of yet.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you