[INVESTIGATING] No forzathon points for season bonus

There is a bug with the season bonus (7 daily und 1 weekly).
No points for this at the moment.

It’s been that way from the get go. But at least the October update fixed it to where it shows complete now, which is a nice touch(even though still no points given)

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Same issue here. I have VIP and the house. Everything gives double points except the weekly bonus which gives no points despite it showing completed.

Before: 1815 FP

After: 1835 FP - 10 FP x2 from the daily.

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Yup, like CRacer said, the only progress we have seen on this matter is that they fixed the completed status a couple of weeks ago. Have never seen any bonus points added from the get go.

Have the same problem … Where are my 60FP -.-’

Same here…

Ditto. I also didn’t get double points for the last challenge, despite having bought the Lake House (had to “buy” it again due to yesterday’s XBL issues having temporarily disabled my VIP status). So I won’t be able to get the last item I wanted to buy from the shop because I got cheated out of 70 points total…

Just do a couple live events

Six weeks of play, and I still haven’t received a single Forzathon weekly bonus either. :disappointed: Submitted my support ticket last week.

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I completed the bonus also & my points went from 125 to 145.

how was this not caught?

how has this not been fixed?

have I not been getting these the entire time?

what did I pay $100 for?

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you paid $100 for the game and dlc packs , not for bonus forzathon points lol


I paid for a working game.

and I’m not getting it.

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To be fair, you had no idea how forzathon was gonna, or even be offered.

They’ll fix it. Relax

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Ditto, I have completed this every week, and as above, although it says completed, but no Bonus reward!

The team are aware of the issue and are currently investigating.

Please submit your issue/bug here

I submitted a bug report on this topic, nearly 4 weeks ago & have updated it with weekly screenshots, but have had no response from your support team. Why are we advised to report bugs via a support ticket, if you only respond to forum posts?

I’ve also submitted a seperate bug report, shortly after launch, which I’ve been told requires an update to fix. After several updates, this issue is still awaiting a fix.

Since it’s affecting everyone, it wouldn’t be beneficial time wise to respond to each and every ticket on same issue

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I disagree, a simple acknowledgement in those 4 weeks, would have surficed.

I have seen a few posts in this forum, having issues with unanswered support tickets; one had an official reply that tickets are answered within 7 days.

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At this point a simple auto-reply would suffice. With them using Zendesk, canned responses should be easy to set up.

I’ve never received the bonus points either. VIP still gets me plenty for what I need though.

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