[INVESTIGATING] No engine sound 7 out of 10 races after July update

My friends and I, 7 or so out of 10 races, private lobbies, don’t get engine sounds for our own cars, but can hear all the other aounds including other cars and their engine sounds…
It’s frustrating cause we have to quit and restart the race, sometimes it’s 6 of us, we restart once cause one of us doesn’t have sound, after the restart another one of us doesn’t have sound and so on…5 restarts later we might have a race.
We play on xb1 and xb1x.

2 friends that play on PCs get this as well from time to time.

This was just to let you guys know, it happened before the update, but maybe 1 or 2 times out of 10…

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Not quite the same issue, but I have been experiencing a lack of collision sounds in some races.

Have you stopped wrecking?

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I had the same issue after last update I uninstalled and then reinstalled my game sounds came back on after that.Hope this helps

I haven’t yet played the game since the update but this issue also appears from time to time in the Leagues. It’s quite challenging to be competitive without the engine sounds but so far I was even able to win a race like that. It reminded me a lot of a “disco karting” event I took part in a few times.

We have passed this issue along to the proper team to investigate it.