[INVESTIGATING] New Drag multiplayer hopper needs fixing

The performance index for this hopper should be Hot Hatch Genesis up to 800pp

Instead it’s running homologated cars at 350pp

It’s a drag, but for all the wrong reasons

Please investigate Turn10 thank you

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I have reached out to the proper team to have this looked into.

So no news then. No news. Ok.

Just a suggestion if there is a team that works on “drag racing” take some time and really look at things that play as if they aren’t working properly. For example the no building of rpms in free play as well as no test drive option in free play for drag racing.

I’ve written many, many wishlist posts and others about drag racing. This isn’t the place. However this is the first I’ve seen a drag issue posted as investigating. Figured while you’re at it. These seemingly small things would make a world of difference in playability for thise if us folks that love drag racing.

Thank you in advance for any looking into if this.


Any news?

Considering the issue has been forwarded and it seems like lobby changes can happen without a game update, why hasn’t this been addressed or updated?

What is the purpose of putting “investigating” in the heading if nothing is going to happen? No word from anyone other than the blowoff, it’s been given to the correct department post.

This is the kind of stuff that will kill this franchise.

I’m also having massive frame rate issues in drag racing lobbies. Only on the test track drag strip and the Hockenheim drag strip. The Dubai drag strip runs smoothly and I haven’t done any drag races at Sonoma.

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I got on for the first time in a couple weeks and saw the new drag lobbies. They run OK for me for the most part. The lag while choosing cars is bad most of the time. Sometimes I don’t have a chance to find what I want.

I have noticed that when there is the inevitable player that doesn’t run the race and get DNFs constantly, things are effected. Obviously the extra time waiting for the race timer, but it seems to slow everything else down.

Anyway, props to Turn 10 for putting up drag lobbies that make sense! Just having an unlimited RWD lobby is enough to keep me occupied. I do still hope at some point the “test drive” in free play,along with getting rid of the “throttle lock out” or whatever you want to call it in free play.

In a lobby, you can leave at whatever RPM you want and have all 3 seconds to get there. In free play you can only hit the gas at 1 second. This makes actual tuning a launch very difficult. But still, thank you for the new lobbies.