[INVESTIGATING] Incorrect Stock Rims on the 2019 Corvette ZR1

I just noticed that the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 has incorrect stock rims, specifically the stock rims from the 2015 Corvette Z06. The Z06 wheels are not available on the ZR1, as evidenced by the “wheels” section in the Chevrolet configurator.

I feel this is an important issue to address as -
A) This is a vehicle that we paid for with real money. I,l expect it to at least have the correct features of said vehicle.
B) Forza prides itself (or at least used to pride itself) on having immense levels of detail and accuracy in terms of car models, and, well, this isn’t very accurate.

I’d appreciate it if mods didn’t merge this with the incorrect modelling thread as I (and I’m sure many other people) would like to see this issue resolved, especially as I paid REAL money for it. Hopefully this gets the same amount of attention as the always-up roof on the 650S Spider. I’m interested to see what everyone thinks about the situation.


At this point I have no idea what is going on at their studios. How does this even happen? I’m sure they had to look at a ZR1 to model it. The wing, badges, hood… why are the wheels a cut and paste from the Z06? Makes no sense.

So many design and modeling flaws in this game it’s ridiculous.


You can read Z06 just over the boost gauge in the cluster also !!


I don’t get it… I love Forza with all my heart! That’s the truth, and I try to be positive. As most things in the grand scheme aren’t worth being upset about. However, this is just ridiculous. This car has been in the public eye in production form for over a year. Even with the later test mules, you knew what the wheels looked like. They never looked like wheels from a Z06, I don’t get it! Does nobody check the bloody continuity around there? Is that a position they need filled, because there are plenty of us who would stop this dead in its tracks. That car isn’t right and it’s not up to real world spec, fix it!


I agree completely, and personally think that it was rather lazy of them to not model the proper wheels for the ZR1. I imagine it wouldn’t have taken many resources in the first place considering how similar the ZR1 is to the Z06.


Is a simple error. The model isnt one thing. Wheels are a separate entity as are all the components making up the chassis. As a swappable model. It is an easy mistake to make. What a world we live in that such a uproar because a code error has a wrong file allocated on it. Serious corruption and crime that is a flaw in ten cents of software!

Come again? The wheels wrong, someone pointed it out. What do you want?


I was just poking fun at how hostile and angry the opening attitude was about “spending good money” and the portrayed anger in the opening comments. It doesn’t mean I don’t understand. It is a tickbox in negative customer satisfaction, but it is one car out of many hundreds in the game and it is natural to make use of existing assets if they are cross compatible. So by price, it is what… 50 cents a car in the car pack? So take it cool, and bring up a support ticket and a civil thread.

Wrong wheels and instrument cluster? To me I am betting it was just a remodel. It is the smart way vs from scratch. Amost assuredly some asset reference got missed or errored. The models are made up of many assets after all, it isnt one closed file. Somebody doing finishing work, less familiar on the upcoming 19 and simply didn’t notice the Z06 wheels and cluster.

So let us be civil and point that out, then wait for a bit of patience because it will take a little bit to be fixed. It doesnt mean ignore, it means just mental note. If it is enough for you to never want any of their product again? Send customer feedback. Enough comes in and they note poor sales, that is the best message vs being all upset.

I have multiple negative feedbacks that would hold me out from getting a future forza product, but am seeing how this one evolves. They have been pretty reasonable at fixing and feedbacking on the problems they are working on, like team adventure and the wall riding concerns so it is balancing out. They have fixed other model and visual issues, so expect this one to be as well.


Everyone is civil. you are causing the panic because someone noticed something wrong in the game. We pay for the car pass and we want our cars to be flawless,
thats why is a premium package and not in the game. You might have a lot of money and you don’t care if the game has flaws.
But i buy 1 game every 3 months and i chose FH4. I dont have money for another one until new year. PG must understand that not everyone is rich.
Respect the customers. I was so hyped about the car and now i get this.

I think the bigger issue, at least to me, is that this is a continuous problem with this team. Whether it be laziness or incompetence, the team continues to make these sort of errors. The DaBerti drift truck was mapped to the wrong engine, the Hoonitruck STILL has the wrong engine. FI expansion basically broke the game. And now this. And these are all (aside from the FI expansion) major issues that are simply overlooked by the team. Anyone who knows an ounce about cars knows what the ZR1 wheels look like. This shouldn’t have passed testing. At least one person should have known enough to catch this and say woah hold up we can push this live. But somehow it made it through.

Like everyone here - I love (loved) the Forza games. Something in those studios happened and it’s just become a mess though. They need to be better. These types of errors should be unneceptable by the team.


I just wanted to say that I am doing my utmost to ensure this thread stays as civil as possible so that the issue with the wheels can be rectified as soon as possible. Nobody here is trying to be “hostile”, and I even mentioned earlier that everyone should take each other’s opinions and stances on the topic into consideration.

ANYWAY! Let’s get on topic. I doubt the developer who built this car would’ve “missed” the wheels and gauge cluster considering they often extensively photograph the car to get all details necessary. I’ll give the cluster a pass since it’s a relatively small detail, but the wheels are an important and extremely visible part of the car. I just don’t think it’s possible that whoever modelled the ZR1 just happened to forget or notice the wheels, hence why I’m calling laziness. As I also mentioned earlier, I said I’m fine with them reusing assets as long as they’re being used right; in the case, they weren’t. There is no option for the ZR1 to have Z06 wheels, therefore I’m only lead to believe that the car was rushed or lazily done.

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Listen Vaporisor, you aren’t exactly making an Apples to Apples argument by bringing “crime” into the mix. That’s cool, don’t expect you to understand everything in life. You can keep making excuses like you know something. It’s the code you say, the wheels are a separate file you say??? I’m no programmer, but that seems like a load of garbage. When you stop spouting things that are obviously beyond your wheelhouse? That’s when I’ll start valuing what you add to the conversation. You have you an opinion, it’s been shared. Regardless of your thoughts? This needs to be addressed, because it’s not just one mistake on one particular car model. It’s a continuous problem that is pervasive in nature. They love cars, well then give the cars the attention they deserve.


I believe what Vaporiser is trying to say is that the wheels are separate to the body of the car and that’s what’s caused the issue - I highly doubt this though; if the proper ZR1 wheels were actually modelled for the car, I think it’d be rather difficult to somehow mess them up with the wheels of the Z06. In saying that though, it’s important to hear and understand all opinions and stances on this matter to ensure it gets addressed and fixed as fast as possible.

I’m sure the ZR1 Model is just a modified Z06 model and they forgot to swap the wheels.


Exactly what I’ve been thinking. I don’t oppose to them doing this, as long as they do it correctly. I’m quite surprised at how messy and rushed the ‘conversion’ seems, especially from seasoned developers like T10 and PG.

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IMO the fact FH4 got many remastered cars as DLC hints at T10 and PG being starved of time, which is also why we haven’t got the last car pack in FM7 yet.

I hope that, with more studios and first-party content on the fray, Microsoft no longer tries to squeeze the Forza franchise as much as possible with yearly releases to fill a void that was always supposed to be filled with different games… :frowning:


First of all the thread was civil, but now I don’t know what you’re on about…


My most anticipated car now for a while so this hurts my soul but I’m sure it was a simple mistake that Playground will get fixed up soon. First world problems lol

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Games become bigger and more complex with every new release but they still get the same development time than their predecessors. So everything is rushed and then this happens.

i actually prefer the look of the Z06 rims vs. the ZR1 rims, so this doesn’t bother me much. i understand your guy’s frustrations though. what bothers me is that i can remove the Targa Top on my ZR1 in Forzavista, but i can’t keep it that way when i exit out.