[INVESTIGATING] Horizon 4 Keeps Crashing If Starting On Fortune Island.

When I downloaded Fortune Island, I played around on it, got all the roads discovered then went to bed. When I try starting it up the next day, it crashed 3 times before finally starting back at the base game. So I went back to fortune island, did some more races and then went to bed. Same thing happened again when I got home from work the next day. So after playing on the island, I travelled back to the base game before exiting. Started it up today and with me being back at the castle, it started just fine.

Can we not start the game into the island or is this a tiny bug some people have?

I have the same issue. I start on the Island an can play, no problem. As soon as I go back to mainland, crashes within 30 minutes, every day since update/Island launch.

I have the same issue, but in reverse. I start at the base game and everything is fine, and for the past three days I have tried to travel to the Island, and every single time it gets me to the background of waves and the island, then stutters a little, keeps going and finally crashes. I am super [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] pissed off since it obviously isn’t working for everyone. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] of Microsoft as usual.

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We’re currently investigating all issues relating crashes within the game and starting up the game.

Thanks for this information and please submit a ticket here.

I have the same issue on both the mainland and on Fortune. As of right now my game crashes so much it is unplayable. Submitted a ticket as well. I guess we will just have to wait until something is rolled out to fix this massive widespread issue.

I think I found the issue, all the times I went to the island, I never set the festival as my home. I did last night and when I played today it started perfectly.

Everyone try going to the island festival site and setting it as home, then try exiting and spawning at the festival.

Before Fortune Island everything was fine. After the update i have crashes to dashboard a lot of times. And the must restart at base game. And after a very short time the game crashes again. Nearly unplayable at the moment :frowning:

How good is your Internet connection? I run off a 0.01KBPS-3.55MBPS connection yet I have the dlc so I don’t have any problems now that I did the earlier mention of a “fix”, besides disconnecting-reconnecting to lobbies.

But other games have given me some problems (example: Call Of Duty WWII [Or more like Call of not worth more than $12 after January 2018 update]) if dlc isn’t download and I try playing with a “bad connection”.

No its not nearly unplayable it IS unplayable. I’m losing my patience very fast at this point nearly a week on into this disgusting handling of this issue. No one has said anything.

Any further crashes, please comment on the following thread as I have made this to save duplications due to the numerous threads appearing.