[INVESTIGATING] Hitting walls doesn't dirty lap times when collisions set to 'Always Off'

Taking part in a couple of HLCs recently on external sites we noticed this odd glitch/bug.

When collisions are set to ‘Default’ or ‘Always On’ and you hit a barrier/wall that marks the edge of the track it will correctly dirty your lap time.

When collisions are set to ‘Always Off’ and you hit the same barriers/walls at any speed or angle in any car then it will NOT dirty your lap time.

This only works when there is no run off area before you hit the wall to dirty the lap before you make contact with the barrier but if you use it to your advantage then you can get laptimes that are significanlty quicker then they would otherwise be yet still show in game as clean laps that post to the Leaderboards as clean laps.

I’m on the PC version but it is exactly the same for those on Xbox consoles too.

I have made a short clip of this in action and hosted it on Youtube HERE.

The video shows it in effect on both Test Track Airfield and Rio Mountain so it’s not just a single car/track combo causing it.


A little bump after a week and a half in the hope this gets noticed soon.

Would have to say not a easy fix and hitting the wall is still slower than a top clean lap. And brand ne track limits are on the way and will most likely address the problem cheers


This is really bad, i was completely unaware of this. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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Same here. If true, that is… no good.

I assume when they fix the track limits that will be fixed too

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Impossible to know as there is no run off area to go over to flag the lap as dirty before hitting whatever lines the side of the track.

This is still an issue after the August Update.

See the video HERE of me smashing every wall at Long Beach GP and still setting a “clean” laptime on the leaderbaord.

Any change of getting this flagged so that the devs can see it?

This has been passed along to the proper team to be investigated.

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Much appreciated, thanks.

IDK if same issue, but last night on Daytona time attack rivals, I had a full side of car impact with wall, no dirty lap set. It wasn’t just a light graze and was fully expecting a dirty lap.