Invalid profile

I have been receiving a message when I start up Horizon 2 and sync 100% to the cloud and still nothing. Has anybody had or having the same problem and info to help fix it

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Same here. No fix yet. Xbox support was a bust.

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You must wait a bit. Even if it says 100% it is probably not done. Once it is finished - the message will go away. FH2 has a large game data size and if you’ve made drastic changes to the data the sync will take a while.

I play on two consoles and I’ve had it take up to 2 hours to re-sync when I’ve made lots of progress and haven’t updated the second box.

I started over and found my old save and now im trying again to re-sync it (cross those fingers)

Still having problems tryed to load on a diffent system and was a bust still invalid profile comes up

I am having the same invalid profile error issue talked with xbox one support and they were no help. I tried to buy a car from the auto show and my game froze then the invalid profile error started