Internet required

now I have seen post about Forza Horizon 3 claiming that you don’t need internet to play this game. But every time I get close to finishing the Goliath race (50 laps) my internet cuts off and it forces me to sign out while playing this game wft

I think that’s due to your actual xbox live account being linked to online, rather than the game. Since you had an account logged in, and it loses it’s connection, it’s basically losing its connectivity to the game since you initially started it that way.

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I think you’re close. If the Xbox the OP is using is not tagged as his home console, then he must be logged into his account to play his games. I go offline on days when the game’s stutters get too disruptive, and everything not specifically linked to online works fine, including Goliath.

There’s a setting somewhere to make the Xbox you’re using your home console. I think you can only change your home console a few times per year.

Edit: Found the support page on this:

There also something else make sure you controller has full battery or charge n woks cause if it keeps going off the game thinks you logged out n kicks you out

Can’t say I’ve had that happen to me. I run out of batteries often and haven’t gotten kicked :lol:

It happen to me on a 6 lap Goliath race right at the finish line right at it

Weird, I wonder if there’s something else to it. I change my batteries often, my batteries die, hell even one of my controllers is missing the back plate so the batteries tend to just fall out lol. Haven’t had an issue with it logging me out.

I’ve been playing offline for about a week now, no problems saying it needs internet to be connected to play horizon 3

If you could not play if not online then those with bans would not be able to play at all and I do not think they would actually go that far.

Not necessarily. They’re only banned from the online portions of Forza Horizon 3, not Xbox Live in general (If the ban is issued by Turn10 that is), they’ll likely still be connected to the internet.