International Sports Car Series

Introducing the International Sports Car Series (ISCS) Based on the real life European Le Mans Series which features endurance races with a mixture of Prototypes and GT cars. Our series will feature GTE cars from five of the worlds great brands. The top class however, will be our version of the relatively new LM P3 category.

Races will be either 300km or 500 km and will last in the region of between two and three hours long. Therefore each team may use up to two drivers to share the driving duties. Teams of single drivers are allowed as the race distances are not extreme. Each race will be split up into stint, with 2 stints for 300km races, and 3 stints for 500km races, so teams can arrange their drivers into stints accordingly.

The LM P3 class utilizes the Radical SR8 RX, which has been modified and adapted slightly to make it a thorough-bred race car. Although it’s open top, we feel this car is the best replacement as there is no recreation of an LM P3 class car in the Forza 6 game yet. The class consists of just the one car so it promises to feature close and hard fought battles for position. Each car in the LM P3 category must run with a couple of simple vinyl groups on their liveries. The P3 badge and number board are simple and easy to receate for any livery creator, but they will be available on the storefront of ‘exp1osive sam’ for those who do not want to recreate them for themselves. The vinyls should be placed both on the side and on top of the car, as shown below:

These vinyls can also be placed on the rear bumper, however this is not compulsory.

The GTE class will be as exciting and thrilling as it is in any GT championship. Top manufacturers fight it out as they bring their best machinery to do battle on the track. In all, five cars are available for teams to choose and each cars are balanced using our own Balance of Performace (BoP) system. The machines available are; BMW Z4 GTE, Corvette C7.R GTE, Dodge Viper SRT-R, Ferrari 458 GTE and the Porsche 911 RSR. Similar to the LM P3 class, there are a couple of vinyl grouos which need to be displayed, as shown below:

Again, they can be added to the ear bumper but it is not a compulsory requirement. As with both classes, the pictures above do not have to be followed exactly. Positioning of decals around the side and top of the car are just for show, and they can be placed anywhere in these areas, so long as they are visable. Each car will run with their own unique race number which can be chosen by the team owner or drivers. For LM P3 cars, the choice is from 2 to 49. For GTE cars, the choice is from 50 to 99. It’s based on a first come first serve basis so if you want a number that’s already been taken by another team, you’ll have to pick again.

Qualifying will be run as a number of short 20 minute sessions in the lead up to a race event. Drivers can enter ONE qualifying sessions, and try to set the fastest lap they can. There will be several sessions run for each event, but the track layout and weather conditions will remain the same so there’s no advantage gained from running a particular session.

The race calendar will feature 6 rounds from Europe’s best circuits. A mixture of 300km and 500km races will take place, with each race running either two or three stints. Dates are not yet set and race day or time is TBC, but the aim is to run the races on a Sunday, starting around 12pm-2pm GMT (7am-9am EST) The provisional calendar looks like this:

Round 1: Silverstone 300km (2 stints, 1 x25 laps, 1 x 26 laps - total 51 laps, 300.4km)
Round 2: Hockenheim 300km (2 stints, 2 x 33 laps - total 66 laps, 301.9km)
Round 3: Spa 500km (3 stints, 3 x 24 laps - total 72 laps, 504.3km)
Round 4: Barcelona 300km (2 stints, 1 x 32 laps, 1 x 33 laps - total 65 laps, 302.6km)
Round 5: Monza 300km (2 stints, 2 x 26 laps - total 52 laps, 301.2km)
Round 6: Le Mans Bugatti 500km (3 stints, 2 x 39 laps, 1 x 40 laps - total 118 laps, 504.2km)

The results will be gathered at the end of each stint with each cars race time for each stint being added together to give a combined race time for the round. The cars with the lowest combined race time will win their respecitive classes.

Upgrades will be listed below shortly when testing on all cars is complete. For any drivers or teams wishing to sign up, please either message me on Xbox Live, PM me or write a post here, where I will take you through the steps of registering your tea. For drivers who wish to compete as a team but don’t have anyone to race with, let me know and I can sort you out with a car, a livery, a tune and a team mate if required to get you racing! We hope to see you out on the track very soon!!

Build Rules for LM P3 Class

Radical SR8 RX - P919

460bhp, 260lb-ft torque, 1430lbs

  • Race Brakes
    -Race Driveline, Race Differential
  • Race Tyre Compound, Front tyre width 265/40R15, Rear tyre width 315/30R16
    -Radical Bonnet (with air inlet above cockpit)

Build Rules for GTE Class

BMW Z4 GTE - R820

480bhp, 354lb-ft torque, 2647lbs
-Race Brakes
-Front tyre width 335/35R18, Rear tyre width 355/35R18

Chevrolet Corvette C7.R - R822

491bhp, 485lb-ft torque, 2656lbs
-Race Brakes
-Race Driveline
-Front tyre width 300/35R18, Rear tyre width 310/40R18

Dodge Viper GTS-R - R832

475bhp, 520 lb-ft torque, 2676lbs
-Race Brakes
-Front tyre width 300/35R18, Rear tyre width 310/40R18
Runs with 5% front grip handicap

Ferrari 458 GTE - R836

465bhp, 383lb-ft torque, 2707lbs
-Race Brakes
-Race Driveline
-Front tyre width 300/35R18, Rear tyre width 345/35R18

Porsche 911 RSR - R827

455bhp, 332lb-ft torque, 2631lbs
-Race Brakes
-Race Driveline
-Front tyre width 315/30R18, Rear tyre width 335/35R18

What are the rules regarding TCS, stability, damage and ABS? Looking for a series that runs without the nannies.

It’s open for all driving abilities so all assists are open, however from the people who have been interested, I reckon we’ll get a good number of people running with little or no assists. Damage will be set to simulation and collisions will be turned on.

I am also Cardiacship… I don’t remember why I have two accounts but I DO. I think it had to do with passwords. Either way, Brokenparts is my screen on Forza. I sent you a friend request and I’m interested in LM P3. Chasing someone down with ABS is going to be a challenge, LOL.

It’s been a while since I have played Forza, will there be a chance to run with the racers before committing to the schedule?

I’m going to try and run a test session before we start the season proper anyway which you can come and join. I’ve raced many times before with drivers using mixed assists. It doesn’t affect really, but of course you can come and test and see if you like. If you fancied you can build up the LM P3 car and get some practice in, see what lap times your doing. I’ll post some of mine for all the cars,and I’ll get other drivers to do the same as we get more and more interest

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Funny thing, I was already testing the Radical before your post went up! Sign me up.

I posted a 1:52:943 in the Corvette with listed upgrades and no tune @ Catalunya

Okay. Like the original post said, you can have up to two drivers in a team to share the car over the stints however you can just run solo if you wanted. After all, the races aren’t that long! I’ll speak to you in the next few days about signing you up with a team name and any team mates you might have, so if you know anyone who might be interested in joining too, let them know about this. Thanks

Lap Times Post


1:55.598 - Radical - Havana B0B
1:57.492 - Radical - Brokenparts
1:57.642 - Radical - exp1osive sam
1:57.894 - Radical - NFS J0RDAN

2:03.229 - Porsche - exp1osive sam
2:03.630 - Corvette - Havana B0B
2:04.021 - BMW - exp1osive sam
2:04.050 - Corvette - exp1osive sam
2:04.173 - Ferrari - exp1osive sam
2:04.267 - Dodge - exp1osive sam


1:42.879 - Corvette - Havana B0B
1:43.555 - Porsche - exp1osive sam

Spa Francorchamps

2:12.217 - Radical - Havana B0B
2:13.074 - Radical - exp1osive sam

2:20.154 - Ferrari - exp1osive sam
2:20.354 - Corvette - Havana B0B
2:20.478 - Porsche - exp1osive sam
2:21.005 - BMW - NFS J0RDAN


1:43.156 - Radical - Havana B0B
1:43.962 - Radical - exp1osive sam
1:44.515 - Radical - NFS J0RDAN

1:49.773 - Corvette - Havana B0B
1:50.167 - Ferrari - exp1osive sam


1:43.689 - Radical - Havana B0B

1:50.278 - Corvette - Havana B0B
1:52.943 - Corvette - Brokenparts

Le Mans Bugatti

1:40.270 - Corvette - Havana B0B

Radical - Silverstone - lap 11 - 1:57:492

On a side note, how do tires affect lap times? The balance seems to come in on my car around 10 laps…

That’s a solid lap time. Looking good. For me the tyre wear doesn’t affect too much I don’t think. I did loads of laps at Monza and found the tyres hold up pretty well. The main thing is fuel, you won’t have to pit because you’ve run out of tyres, you’ll need to pit because you need fuel

I’ll do some testing in the C7.R and the Radical. I’m interested but not sure which class I would be running.

Cool, let me know how you get on and whether you want to enter the series. It’d be great to have you no matter your ability. We have no GTE runners yet so it would be great if you chose Corvette but I don’t want to influence your decision.

Results from my testing so far. Want to give the BMW a go, I think I’m leaning towards GTE.


1:55.598 - Radical
2:03.630 - C7.R


1:42.879 - C7.R

Spa Francorchamps

2:12.217 - Radical
2:20.354 - C7.R


1:43.156 - Radical
1:49.773 - C7.R


1:43.689 - Radical
1:50.278 - C7.R

Le Mans Bugatti

1:40.270 - C7.R

Updated lap times

The new Team Sign Up page has been created and can now be accessed via the following link:

ISCS Team Sign Up Page

Teams entered so far:

Gulf Racing UK; looking for drivers

Team Hanergy Solar

RaceART Competition; looking for drivers

Really looking forward to this tournament. Haven’t ran in one since fm2!!! I plan on qualifying for sure. Seems the times rank the Viper as slowest? Opinions on the Viper?

The 458 and Viper did a 1:40.7 on Hockenheim. These builds aren’t ideally balanced… Those two cars are faster than the rest overall, as the others will only do low 41s.